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industrial Einrichtung

Modern Interior & Industrial Design

The industrial Concept Store is your one-stop destination for exclusive design for home & living.

Industrial Einrichtung


Exclusive Objects by IN SUBSTANCE

industrial bookstand

Bookstands by Baebsy

Enhance your room with tasteful Display Books and a complementary Bookstand

Industrial Einrichtung


Elegant designer speakers by Transparent

Industrial Loft Einrichtung

Curt sofa system

Comfortably upgrade the room with the modular sofa system by Ambivalenz

Industrial Style Wohnzimmer

Design House Stockholm

Discover the new collection of Design House Stockholm

Industrial Möbel in einer Loft

Living in minimalist interior

The industrial interior style is inspired by the aesthetic movement of brutalism in modern times. This movement is dedicated to minimalism and values ​​revealing and celebrating the raw materials used in simple design. To design a modern home, raw industrial style furniture and contemporary designer objects from the Bauhaus era are ideal as furnishing elements.

Minimalist living and the industrial style of living have some things in common, which means that they can be ideally combined. Both styles are characterized by a clear, reduced aesthetic that focuses on the essential. While minimalist living dispenses with superfluous ornamentation and decoration, the industrial style of living relies on raw, unprocessed materials such as metal and concrete to create a rustic atmosphere. Both styles favor an open plan design that creates an airy and spacious feel. By emphasizing clean lines and a functional focus, the beauty and aesthetics of the facility come into their own. In addition, minimalist living and the industrial living style can also be wonderfully combined with contemporary and modern furnishings by cleverly combining elements from different styles. This enables the creation of a unique and individual living atmosphere that reflects personal taste and style.

Schlafzimmer mit Industrial Einrichtung

Industrial furnishings - living in industrial style

Today, industrial style furniture and fixtures aren't only popular in lofted, brutalist warehouses. Functional buildings modeled after authentic lofts can be found in most cities, and many elements of the industrial decor have found their way into normal, more traditional apartments and houses.

So as you can see, you don't have to meet the requirements of the industrial furnishing style to enjoy the minimalist, raw elegance in your home. You can either use isolated industrial-style objects in your own home as statement pieces or devote yourself entirely to brutalist industrial design.

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Industrial interior & modern home accessories in one place

The industrial concept store is a place of artistic staging and aesthetic freedom, where people with a feel for sophisticated design concepts and high-quality furnishing styles can express themselves. The concept store offers a wide range of exclusive designer furniture that is ideal for loft, contemporary and industrial style furnishings.

The range is characterized by modern designer furniture and accessories as well as iconic Bauhaus classics that are ideal for loft furnishings. Here you will also find a variety of modern furniture and home accessories for an industrial design interior. Every brand and piece in this store has been carefully selected.

The aesthetics of the designer furniture in the industrial concept store is characterized by minimalist lines, striking shapes and clear contours. Elements of classic industrial design are taken up in every design and interpreted in a contemporary way. The combination of materials such as wood, concrete, steel and leather creates an aesthetically pleasing look that highlights the natural qualities of each material.

What does industrial style mean?

The industrial style is a furnishing style that is characterized by a rough, unpolished aesthetic. Inspired by the industrial production sites of the 19th and 20th centuries, it is characterized by the use of materials such as metal, steel and wood. Typical features of the industrial style are unplastered walls, exposed pipes and cables as well as visible heating pipes and ventilation shafts. The style gives any room a striking look and exudes a certain rawness and functionality.

The origins of industrial interior

Faced with the lack of affordable housing in the big cities, enterprising people found a way to convert abandoned industrial premises into apartments. This trend is believed to have started in the late 1950s when artists rented the spaces as studios and then made them their homes.

Since they were working from the ground up in a large shell, the usual methods of creating housing were not applicable. They used these empty spaces to convert the large spaces into lofts - large, open-plan apartments with few (if any) interior walls, high ceilings, and often floor-to-ceiling windows. They retained the industrial character of the buildings by incorporating their functional features: exposed piping, ventilation ducts, beams and mullions, and wooden or concrete floors.

Key elements of the industrial style interior

Open floor plan

In the first loft extensions in industrial housing, the interior walls were more or less optional, creating a large open space with no defining structure. The solution was to define the space with objects: kitchen cabinets and appliances delimited the kitchen, the bed and shelves the bedroom, and sofas and chairs provided the base for the entertainment area. The strategic placement of rugs helped identify different areas of the home. All internal barriers were typically temporary curtains or partitions that could be erected if necessary.

Exposed structural and mechanical elements

Since it was costly to remove or cover industrial remnants such as pipes and ducts, these were left in place and became a defining feature of the style. Exposed brick walls, ceiling beams, and concrete or wooden floors have been retained as a reminder of the industrial building's original purpose.

Metal and wood

Wood and metal are the two materials that are left behind when an industrial company leaves its premises and have become an integral part of the industrial style. No other style is so strongly identified with metal elements. That's why industrial furniture looks the way it does. Wood adds warmth and texture, while metal looks sleek and modern.

Neutral colors

In keeping with the understated aesthetic of the industrial style, the color palette leans toward warm neutrals. Colors like grays and browns soften the industrial character and make the space more welcoming, and neutral tones don't distract from the exposed elements.