Raw materials, sophisticated design: Carpenter's Workshop Gallery at TEFAF

by J. Parker

Carpenter's Workshop Gallery presents 14 artists with a total of 26 pieces at TEFAF Maastricht. The selection shows a remarkable variety of practices, approaches, materials, periods and aesthetics. The result is a deliberately eclectic body of works that represents the remarkable diversity of contemporary design.





Eclectic works by established and emerging artists

The group show includes some of the gallery's most established artists such as Rick Owens, Wendell Castle, Roger Herman and Frederik Molenschot. But new characters like Luke Fuller, Charles Trevelyan and Giacomo Ravagli also offer you a glimpse into the voices that are currently redefining contemporary collectible design.

The South Korean artist Wonmin Park is particularly highlighted. His recent exhibitions "Stone+Steel" in London 2021 and "On Earth" in Paris 2022 have secured his place as a major player in the international art world. Carpenter's Workshop Gallery is proud to have worked with Wonmin from the beginning and has supported his development throughout his skyrocketing career. A selection of Wonmin's latest pieces will be presented, including his series "Plain Cuts_Stone and Steel".



A small insight into the presented works


Rick Owens - Curial Aluminum Chair

Rick Owens' influences from the grandiose and clear logic of Brutalist architecture are well known and evident in his Curial chair collection, composed of geometric shapes and thoughtful lines. The chair, reimagined in polished aluminum, is an example of Owens' ability to transform the principles of his large-scale constructions into smaller, functional works of art.



Vincenzo de Cotii's Table

Vincenzo de Cotiis - DC2206 from the Interlude line

In his latest series, Interlude, Vincenzo de Cotiis examines design forms with an introspective calm. The DC2206 console table design is made from stromatolite and recycled fiberglass, finely crafted to seamlessly blend the transition between the man-made material and the antique stone.

This signature trait reflects De Cotiis' ability to connect materials, rationalize dualities and create new qualities from contrasting materials. With this technique, he creates unique works of art that dissolve and merge the boundaries between old and new, nature and artificiality.




Wonmin Park - Plain Cuts Stone & Steel #9

The Plain Cuts Stone & Steel #9 Bench shows the perfect complement of its two material components. The black, brilliantly polished stone is of volcanic origin and has a high iron content, which gives it its dark, metallic colour. Its rustic appearance is the result of a natural patina created by exposure to air and moisture on the earth's surface.

The steel serves as a smooth counterpart to the rough surface of the stone, creating a harmonious combination. Together they form a unique bench that is an eye-catcher due to its special properties.



Innovative creations at TEFAF Maastricht

TEFAF Maastricht is one of the world's leading fairs for art and antiques and attracts you from all over the world. Carpenter's Workshop Gallery relies on innovation and contemporary creation to inspire you as a trade fair visitor.

With this new exhibition, Carpenter's Workshop Gallery reaffirms its commitment to promoting innovation and contemporary creation worldwide.

Visit stand 724 at TEFAF Maastricht to experience this impressive exhibition for yourself. Let yourself be inspired by the variety of works and the creativity of the artists.



Images courtesy of Carpenters Workshop Gallery


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