Avgvst Berlin's Industrial Makeover by Crosby Studios

by @industrialkonzept Team

In a captivating collaboration that draws inspiration from the world of modern art, Crosby Studios and Avgvst Jewelry present their latest venture in the heart of Berlin. After a previous summer release that saw elegant earrings make their debut, the creative minds have reunited to redesign Avgvst Jewelry boutique in Berlin. This time, the innovative concept takes the form of a "ghost kitchen," infusing the space with remodeled furniture and gleaming industrial-style stainless steel kitchenware.


Avgvst Interior and Jewelry
On the left the Berlin shop and on the right the jewelry inspired by cutlery
(Photo credits: Left: Benoit Florenço, Right: Avgvst)

Although the outer facade of Avgvst's shop retains the classic appeal of a European jewelery shop, stepping inside the doors reveals a completely different world. The interior, a harmonious blend of steel elements normally reserved for culinary preparation, stands in stark contrast to the backdrop of exposed brick walls and office blinds. Steeped in Avgvst's signature shade of yellow, the store showcases a vibrant color scheme that artfully balances the industrial aesthetic of the steel kitchenware. Notable highlights include an eye-catching kitchen sink that greets visitors at the entrance, complete with a spiral faucet, and a collection of folding camping tables, chairs and stools that serve as permanent fixtures and showcase the brand's commitment to functional design.

However, the transformation of Avgvst's boutique extends beyond the world of culinary imitation. Revealing a creative space within the store, a gem in the form of a tattoo parlor is hidden at the back. Acting as a pop-up venue, this space invites aspiring tattoo artists to showcase their talents in line with Avgvst's visionary ethos. Custom designs, along with those inspired by the brand's playful jewelry collections, will adorn the tattoo parlor's offering. To further increase the store's appeal, a lush backyard garden promises a variety of community activities, including yoga classes, meditation workshops, and pop-up dining experiences.


Industrial kitchen Photo credit: Avgvst


The Birth of an Artistic Journey: The Making of 'Dark Kitchen' Inspiration

For those familiar with the convenience of meal delivery services, the concept of "ghost kitchens" is probably no stranger. These commercial spaces specialize in creating culinary delights for delivery. Curiously, this concept forms the core of the narrative that weaves together Crosby Studios' Harry Nuriev and Avgvst Jewelry's Natalia Bryantseva. Their journey into a collaboration that combines interior design with jewelry craftsmanship was launched during a conversation between the two visionaries. As the discourse meandered through the realms of nomadic interior design, it finally found its focus in the theme of the "Dark Kitchen," an idea that subsequently catalyzed the birth of the Avgvst x Crosby Studios jewelry collection.


Avgvsts Evolution: A Story of Beauty, Protest and Creativity

Avgvst's founder, who moved to Berlin from Russia in 2017, embarked on a journey that linked her personal story to the essence of the brand. Considering the deep connection between Avgvst and Berlin, Bryantseva notes the common elements of unbridled beauty, protest, disorder and chaos that embody both the brand and the city. This harmonious convergence laid the foundation for Bryantseva's collaboration with Harry Nuriev, a partnership that began in 2017 with the launch of their first store in Russia. At this point, both Avgvst and Crosby Studios were gradually rising to prominence. Bryantsheva's admiration for Nuriev's one-of-a-kind projects, distinguished by their unique charm and acceptance of imperfection, solidified their creative alliance. Chance played a part in creating Avgvst's signature shade of yellow, a chance encounter that ultimately left an indelible mark on the brand's identity.


A fusion of industrial kitchen grace and decorative elegance

The embodiment of Bryantseva and Nuriev's creative synergy materializes within the walls of the centrally located Avgvst Berlin flagship store in the Mitte district. Beyond showcasing the exquisite jewelry, the boutique houses a tattoo parlor and a hidden garden intended as a communal space for activities. The design palette combines grey, silver and the iconic Avgvst yellow. Cleverly redesigned furniture and blinds transformed into wall decorations create an atmosphere that harmoniously combines functionality and aesthetics. Nuriev's trained eye led him to source steel appliances and shelving from a kitchen supply store, an unconventional but inspired choice that preserved the raw essence of the materials. The overarching theme of Dark Kitchen provided a simplified framework that encouraged the reuse of equipment and tools from different industries. Bryantseva summarizes the consideration succinctly: Why create something new when the essence of creativity lies in repurposing? This feeling resonated with both collaborators and resulted in a captivating fusion of industrial grace and artistic finesse.


Industrial Avgvst Store Image: Crosby Studios

Industrial kitchen Image: Crosby Studios

Industrial kitchen Image: Crosby Studios

Industrial kitchen Image: Crosby Studios


A legacy of creativity and connection

Beyond the purely commercial level, Avgvst's flagship store embodies a deeper purpose - serving as a messenger for messages and fostering community. A space that transcends retail, Bryantseva sees it as a temple where individuals can make connections, embrace creativity, and share in shared experiences.

In summary, Avgvst and Crosby Studios' narrative weaves art, design and human connection, culminating in a masterful fusion that invites visitors to embark on a multifaceted journey of exploration and inspiration.


If you happen to be in Berlin and want to take the opportunity to visit Avgvst Boutique, you can find it here:

Address: Alte Schönhauser Str. 27, 10119 Berlin


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