From the street to the sofa: An essay on the integration of hype brands in interior design

by @industrialkonzept Team

The exciting world of interior design is characterized by constant change and unlimited creativity. But recently, a fascinating development has emerged that not only blurs the boundaries of aesthetics, but also changes the way we experience our living spaces forever. In an era where streetwear and hype culture is on the rise, an unexpected door opens to a symbiosis that takes our ideas of design, lifestyle and interior design to a whole new level.

The fusion of coveted hype brands with interior design creations may sound like a bold claim at first, but a closer look reveals a fascinating chapter that is redefining the dynamic between culture and interior design. As we move away from traditional notions of living space, fashion, art and streetwear enter into a close liaison with architecture to create a holistic and deeply individual experience.

Supreme - Not only on the streets, but also in the living room

The unmistakable presence of the iconic red Supreme logo is no longer limited to the garments worn on the streets. This iconic brand has made an impressive leap, conquering our living space from limited edition candles to designer chairs with their signature box logo. An outstanding example of this connection between streetwear and interior design is the Supreme Anonima Castelli Plia Chair, an impressive fusion of style and functionality.


Supreme Plia Chair
The Supreme Anonima Castelli Plia Chair - Current market value: approx. €600 - Image source: © StockX

The Supreme Anonima Castelli Plia Chair embodies the quest to bring streetwear to the heart of our living space. This chair, which was created in collaboration with the Italian furniture manufacturer Anonima Castelli, is much more than just a piece of seating furniture. He is a statement. The fusion of Supreme's distinctive logo with the iconic shape of the Plia Chair creates an object that is not only functional but also tells an aesthetic story. This chair serves as an expression of lifestyle and culture while demonstrating the seamless connection between streetwear and interior design.


Supreme Panton Chair

Supreme Vitra Panton Chair - Current market value: approx. €4,500 - Image source: © StockX

Equally notable is the Supreme Vitra Panton Chair, which redefines the notion of a classic piece of furniture. Here the cult brand merges with the legendary design of the Panton Chair by the renowned manufacturer Vitra. The result is a breathtaking ensemble of elegance and urbanity. This chair becomes a canvas on which streetwear aesthetics and timeless design merge in harmony. It's a reminder that what we wear and how we live are inextricably linked.

With these extraordinary collaborations, the Supreme brand has proven that it goes far beyond the boundaries of fashion. It has expanded the space between clothing and lifestyle, proving that streetwear culture isn't just something we wear, it's something we live. These objects are more than just everyday objects or decorations; they are manifestations of a way of life that celebrates the value of design, individualism and creativity. Supreme has redefined the notion of "home" by proving that the spirit of the street finds its place on the sofa - a place where style and identity seamlessly merge.

Virgil Abloh x IKEA - When high fashion meets architecture

One of the most impressive collaborations, embodying the fusion of hype culture and interior design, is undoubtedly the partnership between visionary designer Virgil Abloh and affordable furniture giant IKEA. This extraordinary collaboration has not only turned the heads of design enthusiasts, it has also had a lasting impact on the way we design our living spaces.

Ikea x Off White x Virgil Abloh Virgil Abloh x IKEA - Source: © IKEA

In this collaboration we not only see an attempt to combine fashion and furniture in an innovative way, but also an ambitious idea to bring design to a broader and more accessible platform. The Virgil Abloh x IKEA collection brings the flair of high fashion to the realm of interior design, fusing minimalist aesthetics and artistic sophistication. Here, furniture and accessories are no longer just furnishings, but rather a means of expressing an individual lifestyle.



The success of this collaboration is manifested not only in the initial excitement it generated, but also in its enduring relevance.


The Virgil Abloh x IKEA collection thus remains not only an exciting chapter in the fusion of hype culture and interior design, but also a symbol of the limitless creativity and unbridled ingenuity that shapes our spaces and our lifestyle. This collaboration has not only created furniture, but also created a connection between what we wear and how we live - a connection that transcends trends and transforms our living spaces into vibrant expressions of our identity.

Virgil Abloh x IKEA - Source: © IKEA
Virgil Abloh x IKEA - Source: © IKEA

Virgil Abloh x IKEA Virgil Abloh x IKEA - Source: © IKEA

Virgil Abloh x IKEA

Virgil Abloh x IKEA - Source: © IKEA


Virgil Abloh x IKEA

Virgil Abloh x IKEA - Source: © IKEA

Virgil Abloh x IKEA

Virgil Abloh x IKEA - Source: © IKEA

Virgil Abloh x IKEA
Virgil Abloh x IKEA - Source: © IKEA

Bearbricks and KAWS - Artistic collectibles in the home

An intriguing connection between street art and interior design is emerging, and it's clearly visible through objects like Bearbricks and KAWS figurines. What once began as coveted collectibles has grown into an unstoppable movement that is intriguingly blurring the lines between art and home décor. These artful collectibles not only add a personal touch to our spaces, they also transform them into galleries of individual taste and cultural affinities.


Bearbricks, with their iconic, minimalist design and endless adaptability, have become true statement pieces in home decor. These versatile figurines not only offer the opportunity to display collections of works of art, but they also offer the opportunity to design the home as an expression of one's personality. Created by artist Brian Donnelly, KAWS figurines bring a blend of pop culture and contemporary art into our spaces. They embody not only the concept of collecting, but also the idea that art and design can speak a common language to create a unique and engaging ambiance.

KAWS Companion Flayed Open Edition Vinyl Figure

KAWS Companion Flayed Open Edition Vinyl Figure - Current market value: approx. 500€ - Image source: © StockX

Ranging from street art to high culture, these artful collectibles are a testament to how art and design can fuse together to create an immersive atmosphere. Placing Bearbricks and KAWS figures in our living spaces not only enriches the visual experience, but also creates a connection to a broader artistic landscape. These objects immerse us in the world of contemporary art without leaving the comfort of our homes.



A new approach to interior design

Integrating hype brands into interior design goes beyond simply displaying logos. It is a testament to a bold experiment that weaves together the cultures of street, fashion and art, while giving our personal spaces a distinctive identity. This fascinating development opens an exciting new chapter in interior design, deliberately blurring the conventional boundaries between function and art, between luxury and everyday.As streetwear, fashion and art form an ever-deepening unity, a seemingly simple yet essential question emerges: to what extent will this refreshing fusion of lifestyle and design help to imbue our living spaces with timeless, expressive meaning? As the aesthetics of the street and the sophistication of the creative world subtly intertwine, will the atmosphere they create be temporary or leave a lasting imprint on the heart of our interiors?


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