Zia's design philosophy: Industrial meets soft in interior stories

by J. Parker

The Interior Stories series is about inspiring people who design their living spaces with passion and style. In this interview, we introduce you to Zia from Hamburg, who shares her interior love with the world on Instagram (@home.with.zia). Her interior style combines soft industrial and lots of black to create a harmonious overall look. Zia tells us where she gets her inspiration from, how she goes about choosing furniture and decor, and which elements are essential in a minimalist interior. She also gives us insights into her favorite piece of furniture and reveals how she skillfully integrates plants and natural materials. So if you're looking for tips for a minimalist and industrial interior, you've come to the right place.

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Zia: When minimalism meets industrial design

When it comes to the design of living spaces, there are many options. Some like it colorful and playful, others rely on a purist interior style. Zia from Hamburg has opted for a combination of minimalism and industrial style. In an interview with us, she tells us how she implements her interior ideas and what is particularly important to her when furnishing her apartment.


Interior style and inspiration

When asked how she would describe her interior design style, Zia replies: "Soft industrial with lots of black." The mix of soft and hard elements as well as a lot of black makes up her style. But where does she get her inspiration from? "I get most of my inspiration from magazines and social media, mostly Instagram and Pinterest. I'm interested in gaining an insight into how other people use their home furnishings. Sometimes it also drives me to one or the other interior shop in the city ."


Selection of furniture and decoration

When choosing furniture and decoration, Zia goes by feel. A piece has to trigger something in her and she just can't get it out of her head. She describes it like this: "It just takes my breath away and my imagination to use this object and make something special with it is just unstoppable. It seems so natural and from that moment on - even if not (yet) implemented - belongs to the interior of my four walls."


Essential elements in the minimalist interior

For Zia, a minimalist interior can't be without a mix of different materials and shapes. "For example, different metals paired with stone, marble or even glass to break the style. The most important thing is simply to stage something purposefully. There must be a decelerating balance with that certain something."


The favorite piece of furniture

Her favorite piece of furniture is a steel shelf from the 70s, welded by an artist himself. Zia loves interiors that are durable and timeless, and that stand for style and quality.

Zia's Interior

Right in the picture: Vintage steel shelf from the 1970s


Plants and natural materials

When Zia integrates plants and natural materials into her interior, the end goal is to create an image that looks natural and authentic. "They form an important part of the overall picture, but at the same time they don't come to the fore. 'Conspicuous, unremarkable' would probably be the most appropriate description."

decoration and plants


Favorite room

Zia is lucky enough to live in a loft that consists of one large room. But her favorite room is the bathroom. "It gives me a hotel feeling every day - a black-tiled bathroom with a large black granite vanity and a sunken stainless steel sink. What a dream!"

Bathroom in Zia's Industrial Interior


Tips for a minimalist and industrial interior

For Zia, the most important tip for a minimalist and industrial interior is to sort out things that are not absolutely necessary. The process is tough, but in order to be able to express yourself in a minimalist interior, you have to get rid of things and reduce yourself. "That also means doing without frills: For me, industrial furnishing style means using certain materials in their bareness - it has to create an unadulterated and natural impression."

Zia shows that minimalism and industrial style can complement each other perfectly. If you rely on selected materials and do without frills, a harmonious overall picture is created. Inspired by magazines and social media, Zia succeeds in skilfully implementing her style.

Zia Interior Collage

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