Collector destroys Jeff Koons Balloon Dog sculpture worth US$42,000

by J. Parker

Art or clumsiness? Collector drops Jeff Koons sculpture

Expensive shambles at Art Wynwood in Miami

A costly affair for a collector at Art Wynwood in Miami : at the opening of the art exhibition, she accidentally knocked over a Jeff Koons porcelain sculpture valued at US$42,000. The sculpture called Balloon Dog (Blue) was part of a limited edition of 799 pieces and is now one poorer as it now only exists in 798 copies.



Luckily the artwork was insured and the destroyed pieces are being appraised by an insurance expert. But that's not all: Some art collectors have even offered to buy the damaged parts of the sculpture.

Whether the incident was due to clumsiness or just bad luck remains unclear. But one thing is for sure: art can be very expensive and even minor oversights can have devastating consequences. It turns out that works of art not only have a high ideal value, but also a monetary value.



Image quote: via Getty/Jared Siskin/Patrick McMullan

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