Tesla unveils futuristic cat house inspired by cybertruck aesthetic in China

by J. Parker

In a playful departure from their usual ventures, Tesla recently introduced an innovative offering to the Chinese market - a flat corrugated cardboard cat house. The bold lines of their electric pickup truck, the Cybertruck, served as inspiration for this edgy cat home and turned heads.

The concept behind this unconventional creation stems from the shape of the Cybertruck. Tesla's Chinese website describes the design as "influenced by the futuristic form of the Cybertruck" and emphasizes that the semi-open cat house aims to cater to cats' natural instincts and daily routines.

Tesla Cat House
Tesla's Cybertruck cat house is made of corrugated cardboard

As part of the interactive experience, customers need to assemble the cat house themselves by assembling thickened moisture-proof cardboard panels to create both the frame and an integrated scratching board in the core. It is worth noting that the house can withstand a weight of up to 7.5 kilograms.

From controversial to iconic: The Cybertruck as a design template

This avant-garde design pays tribute to one of Tesla's most iconic yet polarizing creations - the Cybertruck. Introduced in November 2019, the Cybertruck impresses with its striking appearance, which combines elements of a pickup truck with the sleek contours of a stealth fighter jet. The bulletproof skin drew a variety of online reactions, ranging from "absurd" to praising the bold design.



Lifestyle collection for the young Chinese target group

The Cybertruck cat house joins the variety of products under Tesla Life - a collection designed for the Chinese market that includes lifestyle items such as drinkware, outdoor sports gear, pet products and apparel. Alongside these releases, a skateboard, drip coffee maker, and Frisbee have also made their debuts - which resonates particularly with China's young consumers, a demographic that seamlessly aligns with Tesla's brand identity in the region.

With an average age of around 30 for Tesla drivers in China, the brand has managed to win the hearts of recent graduates. In 2021, a survey by automotive think tank Yiche revealed a remarkable 95 percent approval rating among consumers who graduated within five years of graduation, cementing its popularity.

Tesla's foray into unconventional merch isn't new. The company caused a stir in 2020 with its own branded tequila, an idea originally suggested by Elon Musk as an April Fool's joke. The lightning bolt-shaped bottle quickly became a symbol of the brand's wit and genius. Additionally, limited-edition sipping glasses featuring the distinctive shape of the Tesla Tequila bottle, complete with angular outlines and engraved logo, were also introduced.

Photos: Tesla


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