Todd James - "Soldier of Fortune" at NANZUKA UNDERGROUND

by J. Parker

At the NANZUKA UNDERGROUND in Tokyo, Japan is currently showcasing the latest solo exhibition titled "Soldier of Fortune" by American artist Todd James. It marks James' fourth exhibition at this gallery, with the previous one held in Tokyo four years ago. The exhibition centers around James' newest sculpture, a bronze piece called Pentagon Pile Up. The artwork features fused fighter jets and tanks that have become non-functional, serving as a charitable criticism of the military-industrial complex. The exhibit serves as a warning against the destructive impact of warmongering on one's mental and physical well-being.

Pentagon Pile Up Sculpture
© Todd James - Pentagon Pile Up -

Versatility and uniqueness: what makes the exhibition special

Apart from the bronze sculpture, "Pentagon Pile Up," the exhibit "Soldier of Fortune" at NANZUKA UNDERGROUND in Tokyo also features paintings by Todd James that showcase military themes he has explored for many years. In addition, the exhibition includes small works on paper, and although James has shifted from street art to studio art, he still incorporates spray paint into his work for a playful and rebellious touch. James' work is influenced by abstract art and cartoons from the 1950s, evident in his vibrant and colorful compositions. The exhibition also features a limited edition miniature work, a soft vinyl replica of "Pentagon Pile Up," produced exclusively for the exhibition and limited to 350 pieces. This collector's item is available at NANZUKA's online shop.


Todd James: A well-known artist in various media

Todd James, a celebrated artist from New York City, has made a name for himself in the art world through his diverse range of creative expression, including street art. His collaborations with renowned artists such as KAWS, Barry Mcgee, and Espo, as well as notable figures like Beastie Boys, Iggy Pop, and Pharrell Williams, have further established his reputation. In 2001, James co-founded Street Market, a significant contributor to the post-graffiti movement, which debuted in New York City.

Todd James Portrait

© Todd James

Born in New York in 1969, Todd James currently resides in downtown Manhattan. His artwork has garnered worldwide recognition, displayed in galleries and museums across the globe, including the prestigious Venice Biennale in 2001 and 2015. James has exhibited his artwork in numerous solo and group exhibitions in major cities such as Paris, London, Tokyo, Brussels, Copenhagen, and various locations throughout the USA.


Place and time

Visit this exhibition until March 12, 2023 here:

Soldier Of Fortune
3 Chome-30-10 Jingumae
Shibuya City, Tokyo 150-0001


Image Quotes: Nanzuka , Todd James

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