Undigested: Redefining minimalism and abstraction in contemporary furniture and interior design

by @industrialkonzept Team

With Undigested, designer Maximilian Hofmann embarked on a journey to redefine the concept of functional design. With its raw, monochrome and dynamic approach, the atelier strives to create an immersive experience that challenges conventional norms.

The vision of this forward-thinking world sees a creativity nurtured by inspiration thriving and a design philosophy centered on abstraction. By stripping out unnecessary elements and reducing designs to their essential forms, Undigested brings the focus back to the original fundamentals of interior design. This approach strikes a harmonious balance between aesthetics and practicality, resulting in visually stunning pieces that retain their practicality.

Vision and design philosophy

Undigested exudes a raw and monochromatic aesthetic that reflects a dynamic and forward-thinking angle. The use of materials such as aluminium, stainless steel and translucent substances such as acrylic and plexiglass give the creations a touch of industrial elegance. These carefully selected materials, in fusion with the idea of ​​abstraction, contribute to the overall minimalist and contemporary character of the creations.

UNDIGESTED object Chaiselongue

UNDIGESTED object Chaiselongue

Undigested chair Imposter Chair

The design approach features a floating and light aesthetic that exudes energy and focus. In a world overwhelmed by distractions and an overwhelming supply of most creative industries, Undigested offers respite. Each piece is carefully crafted to instill a sense of calm and thoughtfulness, allowing viewers to be immersed in a visually appealing and thought-provoking experience.

The creations range from sculptural furniture to luminous sculptures and vases to decorative accessories. The significant chaise longue piece embodies the essence of Undigested and is made of aluminium. This abstract interpretation of a piece of furniture normally associated with therapy rooms challenges the norm and invites viewers to rethink its purpose. The piece embodies the brand's commitment to creating designs that are visually arresting while still adhering to the functional roots of furniture.

UNDIGESTED object Multi bouquet vase

In addition to the furniture collection, Undigested presents their latest "BROTHERS" capsule collection - a fusion of organic shapes and an intriguing combination of acrylic and aluminum. Within this collection, each piece demonstrates the seamless integration of these materials, resulting in ethereal designs. The luminous sculptures, vases and decorative accessories radiate a captivating glow, cast unique shadows and transform rooms into artistic spheres.

Undigested objects "Brothers" Capsule Collection

In this sense, the Atelier appeals to a discerning audience of design and art lovers who appreciate the fusion of form and function, the beauty of simplicity and the power of abstraction. The pieces stimulate conversation and invite viewers to explore the undiscovered potential of design by pushing the boundaries of conventional aesthetics and pushing the boundaries of creative expression. Undigested challenges the status quo and leaves a lasting impression on the design world, capturing the attention of design enthusiasts and art lovers alike.


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