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Two Decades Daniel Arsham and Gallery Perrotin

by @industrialkonzept Team

Celebrating Two Decades of Daniel Arsham and Galerie Perrotin: A Dual Exhibition Marking a Milestone

From exploring vast eroded sculptures to teaming up with Pokémon for a unique mini episode and even taking on the role of creative director for the Cleveland Cavaliers, Daniel Arsham has certainly left an indelible mark on the past two decades. Throughout this journey, gallerist Emmanuel Perrotin has played a pivotal role in fostering the growth of the New York-based artist, propelling him to the soaring status he enjoys today, through a series of exhibitions hosted across Perrotin's global art spaces.

In commemoration of their 20-year artistic partnership, next month, Perrotin is set to unveil a dual exhibition showcasing Arsham’s creations at its venues in Paris and New York. The exhibition will delve into the realms of space and materiality, providing insight into various pivotal junctures within Arsham’s artistic voyage. An upcoming collaboration with Star Wars will take center stage, featuring an array of new eroded sculptures crafted from Hydrostone and quartz crystals, alongside a fresh collection of paintings produced using a custom impasto paint designed by the artist to infuse the textures reminiscent of the Renaissance era.

Recalling their early connection, Emmanuel Perrotin shared, “I encountered Daniel when he was a budding 22-year-old artist, living within the confines of his studio. His exceptional talent and unique perspective immediately captivated me. Daniel’s creative expressions transcend the conventional boundaries of fine art, seamlessly spanning multiple industries. As he has continued to thrive, his work remains accessible to a broad audience, establishing his leadership in limited editions, collaborations, and a robust online presence. Witnessing Daniel's evolution has been an incredibly rewarding journey, as our gallery has expanded in tandem with his illustrious career.”

Among the exhibition’s highlights are never-before-seen sketches, crafted by Arsham on hotel stationery, elegantly presented in a classic salon arrangement. Additionally, his iconic Falling Clocks and Veiled Poem artworks, which artfully manipulate the surfaces of the gallery walls, will further captivate visitors.

Despite his dynamic shifts between mediums and motifs, a thread of nostalgia has persistently woven through Arsham’s two-decade-long career. This inclination, coupled with a perceptive foresight, drives him to immortalize elements often overlooked in the present, destined to be scrutinized by civilizations yet to come. Patrick Moore, director and curator of The Andy Warhol Museum, reflected on this aspect, stating, “Arsham's work evokes a bittersweet nostalgia, reminding us of the grand marvels of American life and popular culture now confined to the past. This sentiment resonates within his sketches on hotel stationery, preserving the artist's journey through travel and the evolution of his artistic style and techniques over time.”

Aligned with his ethos for each exhibition and exclusive release, Arsham’s creations are birthed from a personal desire to manifest entities that he envisions should exist within our world. He aspires for his work to spark introspection and elicit joy in others, encapsulating his artistic philosophy.

The exhibition titled "20 Years / 20 Ans" is scheduled to commence at Perrotin Paris from September 2 to October 7, followed by a parallel showing in New York from September 6 to October 14.



Visit the galleries:

Perrotin Paris
76 Rue de Turenne
75003 Paris, France

Perrotin New York
130 Orchard St
New York, NY 10002

Photo courtesy of © Galerie Perrotin


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