Discover bar stools from designer brands that are ideal for integrating into brutalist lofts or industrial style home interiors.



Industrial style bar stool

Whether for your kitchen, your bar or your bar table. Whether for a cozy get-together or a big birthday. The Industrial Style bar stool goes with it. The bar stools give your interior an ambience that dates back to the 1960s in Lower Manhattan and has endured to this day. The industrial-style bar stool is ideal for open spaces and brings the charm of a loft into your home. The selected material combination of metal and wood results in the symbiosis of industrial design, warm radiance and high comfort. The neutral colors of the metal are combined with the warm colors of the wood, resulting in a unique industrial design. Modern processing and many years of experience of the designers and manufacturers ensure a high level of seating comfort

The Industrial Style bar stool is flexible

A big advantage of this style is certainly the flexibility, which is caused by the neutral colors and materials. Thus, the bar stools can be used in a variety of ways and suitable for a wide variety of events. The industrial design suits a family reunion, a cozy evening with friends and acquaintances, but can also be used for celebrations. The bar stools let your guests sit at a comfortable height and ensure seating comfort that is suitable for different occasions. Whether for everyday lunch or dinner or for a special occasion. The great thing about the bar stools in industrial design, in addition to the wide range of possible uses, is also the plain and simple appearance. Even if the product is only used as a decorative piece of furniture, the Industrial Style bar stool supports the industrial look in a unique way and is an eye-catcher. The product has the advantage of providing the right look for any event. A true all-round talent when it comes to furnishing.

Longevity in industrial design

The stability of the bar stools is another advantage when it comes to transport. For celebrations outside of your home, whether in a ballroom or outdoors, the industrial design offers you the necessary stability. On the one hand, due to the no-frills and straight-line style, which has no superfluous or annoying accessories, but also due to the rustic and natural materials, you have a very durable product here. So whether in the kitchen, at the counter, at the bar table, in the ballroom or outdoors. The style is also characterized by its longevity. Metal and wood are the basic materials of industrial design and are characterized by high durability and resistance. With proper care and handling, you have an extremely durable product that you can use for a very long time without having to replace it.

Industrial style bar stool and sustainability

The items manufactured in Europe are often handmade goods based on the use of recycled materials. This also characterizes industrial design, since this is a style that promotes the reusability of materials. Wood and metal are both natural products and through a sustainable supply chain, the environment is not harmed in the manufacture of the products.

Timeless industrial style

Although industrial design furniture dates back to the 1960s, it is one of the styles that has been in fashion for many decades and will continue to be so for many decades to come. A long-lasting, sustainable piece of furniture with a certain timeless spirit that balances the modern and the familiar.