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Industrial Bathroom

Would you like to set up an industrial style bathroom or bathroom? Discover the wide variety of our industrial bathroom furnishings and get inspired.

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Industrial design in the bathroom: The aesthetics of the unfinished

A touch of industrial charm in the private wellness area

The bathroom has long since developed from a functional space into a personal oasis of well-being. In this context, industrial design is becoming increasingly popular. This design form brings with it a distinctive atmosphere that is created by playing with imperfection and raw elements.

The origins and evolution of industrial design

The industrial style has its roots in the 60s and 70s, an era in which affordable housing was in short supply. At that time, creative minds increasingly turned to empty warehouses and factory buildings, which they converted into living spaces. Today, this style is no longer limited to such large rooms, but also finds its place in private bathrooms. Characteristic features include visible pipes, exposed walls and concrete floors - all elements that underline the industrial character.

Minimalism and raw beauty

The industrial style is characterized by its minimalist and brutalist character. A single element designed in an industrial look can already make a strong statement. The combination with simple lamps reinforces this impression without appearing unfinished. The furnishings in the industrial bathroom are deliberately kept simple in order to emphasize the rough charm of concrete and metal.

Functional elegance: shelves and mirrors

Overloaded furniture pieces have no place in an industrial-style bathroom. Instead, flexible shelving systems are used that adapt to the industrial ambience in both color and shape. Mirrors are another central element in such bathrooms. They combine simplicity with functionality, often complemented by practical storage areas.

Color palette and materials

The color scheme in an industrial bathroom is characterized by gray and black tones, complemented by accents in brown and beige. This color palette creates a modern, elegant look. Wooden elements fit seamlessly into the overall picture and create warm contrasts. The accessories are also dominated by materials such as concrete and leather, which underline the industrial character.

Overall, the industrial style bathroom presents itself as a successful symbiosis of minimalist elegance and rough aesthetics - a room that impresses both functionally and visually.