Industrial Badezimmer

Industrial Bathroom

Would you like to set up an industrial style bathroom? Discover the wide variety of our industrial bathroom furnishings now and let yourself be inspired.



Industrial bathroom - the modern oasis of well-being

A bathroom no longer has to look boring, because colors and modern accessories turn the bathroom into an absolute oasis of well-being. The industrial look, which is finding its way into many bathrooms, is now particularly popular. It is a style that gives the bathroom a very special ambience and makes it a modern, industrial-style bathroom.

The modern industrial style in the bathroom

The industrial look is very far removed from purity and "above perfect" looks. Its history goes back to the 1960s and 1970s, because at that time living space was almost unaffordable. This led many artists to convert warehouses or factory buildings that had been empty accordingly. Nowadays it doesn't necessarily have to be a disused warehouse, because a bathroom can also be wonderfully adapted to this style. Walls that are not plastered, pipes that are exposed or a simple concrete floor, these are all things that define an industrial bathroom and provide a lot of creative ideas.

The industrial bathroom with a rough look

Anyone who can do without frills and frills will be delighted with the industrial look. The rough look and the brutalistic look in the industrial style bathroom are particularly concise and appear unfinished in a unique way. For example, to highlight the furnishings, an industrial-style wall is enough. Combining the whole thing with a simple lightbulb, it looks minimalist and anything but unfinished. The furnishing itself is kept simple and plain and adapts perfectly to the rough tone of the concrete wall and floor.

Shelving systems and mirrors as important elements in the industrial bathroom

An industrial bathroom does not need a lot of furnishings. Instead of a cupboard , different sized shelves are available, the color of which is perfectly coordinated with the concept of the industrial style bathroom. They are available as an integral part of the bathroom, but also with castors, so that they can also be used in other rooms without any problems. Whether narrow or wide, high or low, the selection is very large to give the modern industrial bathroom that special something.

The mirror is an essential part in an industrial style bathroom and should not be missing under any circumstances. It is also a furnishing element with a sober finish, available in different sizes and shapes. Some models also have a practical shelf so that small things can be easily placed on them.

Colors in the industrial bathroom

In keeping with an industrial style bathroom, predominantly black and gray tones are used. These are not only modern, but also fit perfectly with an industrial bathroom and its furnishings. To round off the whole thing with a bit of colour, brown and beige tones are often used, which breathe a little elegance into the whole thing. Wood tones, which are optimally reflected in the furnishings and create a unique contrast, also fit perfectly into the industrial bathroom. But accessories are also part of a modern bathroom with an industrial character, especially if they have a concrete look or leather elements.