Ceiling lamps

Discover ceiling lamps from designer brands that are ideal for integrating into brutalist lofts or industrial style home interiors.



Industrial ceiling lamp - urban living with ceiling lights in industrial style

For the living room design in industrial design, not only the pieces of furniture play a role. The right lighting concept gives the right finishing touch. Furnishings in industrial design go perfectly with spacious loft apartments with an open floor plan. Newly built apartments or charming old building apartments also get a special flair with industrial ceiling lamps and selected pieces of furniture. Here you will find ideas and products that you can use to furnish your apartment in the trendy industrial style. The industrial ceiling lamps also complement other living styles harmoniously.

Industrial Style: Originating in the 1930s

The industrial design trend emerged in the 1920s and 1930s, in the middle of the era of industrialization. In New York, artists used the design language from the industrial halls as a source of inspiration. Factory halls were converted into living areas. Simplicity, clean lines and open floor plans are still typical of the industrial style today. Today, the style of living is constantly being reinterpreted. This is shown by the numerous pieces of furniture, lamps and decorative elements that are available. A great benefit of industrial design is the ability to mix and match different styles.

Industrial ceiling lamp: shapely and distinctive

Industrial ceiling lamps from designer brands convince with excellent quality and an authentic design. The look is deliberately kept simple, straightforward and minimalist. One searches in vain for ornate and filigree lamps. Instead, clear lines and functionality dominate. The urban, elegant and reduced design of the lamps harmonises with different furnishing styles. You don't have to set yourself up completely in the industrial style in order to achieve a harmonious lighting concept with the designer lamps from Industrialkonzept. In our online shop you will find suitable models for the kitchen , hallway, living room and bedroom . The ceiling lamps are equipped with a long cable. You decide at what height the decorative lights are attached. Low-hanging lamps above the dining room area ensure a cozy atmosphere to feel good.

Realize lighting concept in industrial style

Industrial-style ceiling lights are installed in the center of the room. The lighting concept can be supplemented with floor lamps. If you want to combine vintage and industrial design, you can opt for a decorative industrial chic lamp. The lampshade is made of shiny metal in the colors gold or brass. Luminaires that are reduced to a socket also inspire with retro charm. In terms of colour, the designer lamps are in the subtle range. In addition to gold and brass tones, the focus is on subtle black and gray tones. Authentic industrial materials such as aluminium, steel and glass are used. The metal of the lampshade can be treated or untreated. Some lamp models have a used look. They look like a flea market find and tell a story of their own. Metal with peeling paint and a rusty look are popular design elements. While gold and brass-colored lamps have a shiny surface, black-painted metal elements are mostly matt. Multi-flame industrial lamps are an unusual element of living space design. The unconventional design draws the eye. Lightbulbs on a tubular frame illuminate all areas of the room. Whether you choose an industrial ceiling lamp or a pendant light for your lighting concept is a matter of taste. In living rooms with low ceilings, a flat industrial ceiling lamp is ideal. In high rooms, pendant lights with longer cables are optimal. Installed directly above the dining table or living area, they provide aesthetic lighting. Light bulbs with a warm white light color should be chosen for the perfect loft chic. This creates an exciting contrast to the cool metal of the lampshades.

Let yourself be inspired by our selection of industrial ceiling lamps. In the online shop of Industrialkonzept you will find high-quality, shapely and striking industrial ceiling lights to beautify your living space.