Dining tables

Discover dinning tables from designer brands that are ideal for integrating into brutalist lofts or industrial style home interiors.



Industrial style dining tables – stylish and distinctive

The industrial design dining table is the centerpiece of the dining area. The striking and characterful Industrial dining tables are available in different versions. They can accommodate two, four or many people. They are made of high-quality wood and various metals such as iron or steel, as well as stone or concrete. Glossy or matt finishes give the various dining tables their cool finish. Alternatively, you can find industrial -style dining tables at industrialkonzept.com, which do not rely on material combinations, but only consist of wood or metal. You are guaranteed to find an extravagant table for your dining area.

Industrial design dining tables in different variants

Industrial style dining tables are available round, square or rectangular and consist of a table top with legs or a compact base. The often used combination of wood and metal is a great contrast in modern facilities. The question of which industrial-style dining table is right for you depends on the available space. Compact industrial design dining tables are suitable for small kitchens or slim dining areas. With enough space for two to four people, they only require a small amount of space. This leaves enough space for industrial style chairs and the rest of the furnishings.

Anyone who likes to dine frequently with a large number of people needs a large tabletop. Rectangular as well as round dining tables in industrial style offer space for up to eight people. The whole family can sit on them and eat, laugh and be together together. In addition, particularly long and wide dining tables offer a lot of space on which to work or learn.

Wood and metal in perfect combination

Solid wood with corners and edges is the ideal basis for a tabletop with an industrial design. Their raw character is reminiscent of old workbenches and work surfaces in industrial production. Light wood types score with dark inclusions, lively grain and knotholes. Dark types of wood, on the other hand, impress with their colour, texture or rough-sawn surface.

The top of the industrial style dining table can be cut from one piece or it can be made from many small pieces of wood. Models made of solid wood consist of one type of wood throughout, but are assembled from different parts. A solid wood table top, on the other hand, consists of one piece. Here you decide which variant is best used in your living space.

Industrial-style dining tables are traditionally made with table legs or with a solid base. While slender table legs appear rather subtle and reserved, a compact frame is a real eye-catcher. The more massive the individual struts are, the more massive the piece of industrial design furniture looks. This can take your eyes off the tabletop. If you want to put this in the limelight, then use a variant with thin legs. Dark coated or uncoated metal braces are ideal for minimalistic furnished areas. This makes the wood appear all the more present in its texture.

Industrial dining tables of different heights

The height of the table edge of an industrial design dining table is one of the most important purchase criteria. Not every person is the same size. While one still has enough space under a dining table with a height of 74 cm, the next one has a lack of space. This is exactly why there are tables with different edge heights. Large as well as small people can sit on them. Your legs should fit easily under the table top when seated. If you have particularly long legs, you should opt for an industrial-style dining table with a higher top. In this case, two centimeters more height can lead to significantly higher seating comfort.