Dining room lamps

Discover dining room lamps from designer brands that are ideal for integrating into brutalist lofts or industrial style home interiors.



Industrial style dining room lamps

Industrial design - or industrial design - refers to a furnishing style that is primarily devoted to minimalism and aims to bring out the beauty of industrial culture. The rooms are kept simple and raw materials such as steel girders, masonry and concrete are exposed and are specifically visible.

The industrial style dining room lamps from the industrial concept store underline exactly these aspects.

Which materials are used for industrial style dining room lamps?

The material used for industrial dining room lamps is of course what can also be found in real old industrial lamps: shades made of metal or glass. Occasionally also simple tubes fitted with lightbulbs as well as valves or rivets used over a large area. Even wire mesh or coarse baskets can be found as a border around the lamp. In any case, it is important with the industrial style dining room lamps that the simple function, namely to provide light, is in the foreground.

What should be considered when using industrial dining room lamps?

In the case of the industrial style dining room lamps, it is definitely an advantage to have the high ceilings that are usual for factory halls. Then you can be sure that the light is optimally distributed in the room. In this way, the appropriate amount of comfort is donated. A single lamp is never enough here. It doesn't matter which light source you want to use: more is more. This can be achieved by either using multi-bulb industrial dining room lamps or by hanging a single lamp directly four or five times, for example. Even the combination of several different lamps is conceivable. Try it out and get creative. The good combinability of the industrial style dining room lamps makes it easy to create a suitable atmosphere.

Another advantage here is that the entire color scheme of the room is based on industrial design. Interesting color accents are set by weathered wood on furniture or non-ferrous metals (such as copper or brass). The metals are allowed to look old, for example due to chipped paint or rust.

Well thought-out points of light make your dining room invite you to linger and so you can be sure that your next meal with friends and family will be a complete success.

The industrial dining room lamps at Industrialkonzept

Here you will find industrial style dining room lamps from high-quality designer brands that fit perfectly into brutalist lofts or industrial-style home furnishings. Stand out from the crowd by adding one or more matching industrial dining room lamps to your dining room. The industrial design deliberately wants to do without pretentious ornaments and so the industrial dining room lamps are reduced to the basic function: generous light. The room is well lit and still looks cozy. Here you can also do without an expansive lampshade made of fabric or paper: wire or a metal basket are completely sufficient. It is often dispensed with and the light bulb is freely visible. Industrial dining room lamps impress with their simple and sleek design, which fits into the room concept. Largely kept in a used look, they exude a factory ambience with lots of metal, rust and peeling paint. Nevertheless, they are a real eye-catcher, which is wonderfully suited to perfectly stage the entire dining room.

Industrialkonzept.com offers you a large selection of very high-quality lamps for your industrial-style dining room. After all, the dining room is one of the most important rooms in the entire living concept. This is where friends and family come together to eat and chat together. We would like to support you and offer the appropriate ambience with our industrial style dining room lamps.