Hanging lamps

Discover hanging lamps from designer brands that are ideal for integrating into brutalist lofts or industrial style home interiors.



Industrial hanging lamp as a brilliant addition to home furnishings

Industrial hanging lamps are characterized by the rough charm of former factory life and an industrial design with clear shapes. With the models, the designers pay tribute to the once great creativity in the conversion of existing furnishing elements. Simplicity and elegance either set specific contrasts to the furnishings or blend harmoniously into the existing style of living.

Special features of hanging lamps in industrial design

The model for today's industrial design in furnishings are converted, empty factory and work rooms from the post-war years of the 20th century. Lack of housing meant poverty, and that made people inventive. They used what was there and staged it as a new cosiness in artists' studios or simply the existing, simple living space. With lampshades made of shiny copper or elements in antique copper, the industrial hanging lamp is reminiscent of the material that was once widely used. The glass shell around a light bulb consists of frosted glass, clear glass or typical industrial glass balls with a lamellar look. Unlike other hanging lamps, the cable from the ceiling is not coiled in the industrial style, but remains soberly visible. However, the design combination is by no means accidental, but put together in a high-quality way for different room concepts.

Industrial style lighting for kitchen and dining areas

Modern kitchen fronts are often characterized by smooth surfaces with soft edges and high gloss. Matt surfaces with a few flourishes are just as popular. An industrial hanging lamp with a shiny silver reflect pendant design and a matt lamp socket goes perfectly with the glossy surfaces. Instead, minimalists stage a single hanging lamp or a group of lamps in industrial style made of black powder-coated stainless steel or aluminum above the dining table. Models that are reminiscent of the once necessary assembly of individual factory elements are quite appealing. A design mix in the transition from industrial design to retro trends of the 1970s are cone-shaped lampshades in a lamellar look, elegantly framed under polished copper or intentionally patinated copper brackets.

Living area with industrial design hanging lamps

A furnishing concept related to the industrial style is shabby chic. There, too, intentional signs of wear are intended to remind of the apparently random combination of old furniture and accessories. Both trends originally emerged as precursors to today's upcycling concept. Industrial design hanging lamps are a clear visual point in large, puristically furnished living rooms. The color combination of the factory flair allows a choice of light, dark or colorful room concepts. The possibility of installing an industrial hanging lamp in niches that are difficult to use is advantageous for angled living rooms in old buildings. Here, models with small lampshades and correspondingly narrow, downward-directed light cones create an illumination that makes the niche appear soft and thus gives the room more width.

Industrial hanging lamp for reception areas and conference rooms

Of course, the industrial style still goes with the digitized office space, for example to loosen up sober-looking work and reception areas with rough and at the same time elegantly designed elements. Conference furniture often has metal components, such as swinging chairs with legs made of chrome-plated aluminum tubing or shelves in cupboards with a visible metal frame. A row of industrial hanging lamps above long rows of conference tables fulfills the functional purpose of warm white room lighting. A pretty one-off in industrial design is a tasteful lighting idea above reception tables with club chairs in the lounge area of ​​a doctor's office or law firm. In gastronomy, the industrial style with hanging lamps simplifies wildly jumbled furnishings. Country-style restaurant areas get their optical highlight, for example, with spherical lamps on which several light bubbles are arranged on a socket. Even futuristic rooms find their desired spacey overall structure well with hanging lamps in which small light bulbs are mounted on several metal rods in different lighting directions without an additional lampshade.