Clothes hooks

Discover clothes hooks from designer brands that are ideal for integrating into brutalist lofts or industrial style home interiors.



Industrial style coat hook

Industrial style coat hooks give your wardrobe that certain something. You can find them in different designs, sizes and designs. Coat hooks in industrial design have a special charm and stand for modern, timeless living culture. Not only do they have a high decorative value, they also ensure maximum flexibility and comfort. The industrial coat hooks are of high quality and offer the perfect setting for extraordinary presentations.

They are quick and easy to assemble and give you new space to stow away your clothes in no time at all.

Sturdy industrial design coat hooks for modern living

Industrial design coat hooks offer a secure hold for your favorite items. The magic of these innovative clothes hooks in industrial design lies in the combination of timeless simplicity and futuristic chic. Why use boring and inconspicuous clothes racks when there are totally hip industrial style clothes hooks. This brutalism and industrial trend is currently setting the tone in the entire living area. If you like this style, you will be more than enthusiastic about the coat hooks in industrial design. Models made of wood have their charm, but industrial-style coat hooks made of metal are something very special. In addition, metal requires less maintenance and stays in shape even at high temperatures. Especially in the summer months it can get pretty hot under the roof, so flexibility can be the be-all and end-all. Coat hooks in industrial design can be flexibly reassembled. Freestanding furniture with industrial style coat hooks can be rearranged and looks great anywhere.

It always depends on the look

With industrial style coat hooks, the look plays a decisive role. Colors and shape have a very special meaning. The spectrum ranges from deep black through anthracite to silver rhodium-plated. The stylish clothes racks are available in different designs and can be selected to match the furnishings. Black models are versatile. Variants in elegant silver or chrome provide special highlights. Why not just mix and match?

Coat hooks in industrial design come into their own in a professional setting. They give every shop and studio a cool atmosphere with understatement.

High-quality processing for maximum resilience

Industrial style coat hooks bring the loft style into your interior. Made from high-quality tubular steel, they set modern accents and are also extremely resilient. You don't have to worry about stability and durability at all. Once bought, they last a lifetime. Whether in the cloakroom, in the bedroom or in the dressing room, clothes hooks with an industrial design look great everywhere.

In the professional field, they make it possible to present individual items of clothing. Steelwork and malleable iron are the ideal hanging place for coats and jackets. You set special accents if you hang up your favorite parts on a meat hook instead of using a classic coat hook. There are no limits to your own imagination and creativity.

Industrial style coat hooks are currently very popular and can be found in many areas in addition to apartments. Whether in the hip office, the chic doctor's surgery or the event gastronomy, the extraordinary alternative to the classic wardrobe has made a real triumph.

Clear lines and structures ensure a pleasantly tidy ambience that never seems stuffy.

The models are available in many different versions. Individually manufactured coat hooks fit perfectly into the interior design and round off the overall appearance.

Boring was yesterday, today's coat hooks are small pieces of jewelry that leave nothing to be desired.