Clothes racks

Discover clothes racks from designer brands that are ideal for integrating into brutalist lofts or industrial style home interiors.



Practical and stylish clothes rack with an industrial design

If you want to store clothes neatly and stylishly, you will be interested in the Industrial Style clothes rack from our shop. These are metal constructions that are characterized by a secure footing and an elegant look. Our clothes racks convince with a high material and manufacturing quality. They are easy to assemble and flexible to set up. They are robust, durable and easy to care for in everyday use. Below you can find out more about the Industrial Style clothes rack from our range.

Industrial Style Clothes Rack - The ideal storage solution for clothes

Our clothes racks in industrial style are an ideal storage solution for all kinds of clothing. The rod constructions made of high-quality metal are robust and resilient. You can place a high number of hangers on them. The different heights of the bars make it possible to sort clothes easily and clearly. All models have solid feet. They use the modular principle so that you can convert them in just a few simple steps. In this way, you adapt your clothes rack in industrial design to the spatial conditions. Here are the most important advantages of the Industrial Style clothes rack at a glance:

- easy installation
- flexible installation
- easy to convert
- Plenty of space for clothes
- robust and stable

The special feature of the high-quality clothes rack in industrial design

The clothes racks from our range are a simple and space-saving solution. They are suitable for lofts and bedrooms and are a subtle eye-catcher with their characteristic design. The resilient and durable metal construction is connected with plug and screw systems. As is usual in industrial design, she uses materials from crafts and industry to recycle them for practical furnishings and accessories.

Flexible use of industrial style clothes racks

You can use a clothes rack in industrial style from our range flexibly. It consists of robust tubes that are simply screwed or plugged together. You can vary the length and height as needed. The clothes racks fit perfectly into the bedroom. In a spacious loft, they are a good substitute for a wardrobe. But they also prove themselves in the entrance area as a cloakroom. The clothes racks are also recommended for creatively furnished restaurants and hotels. Here is an overview of the areas of application:

- Bedroom
- loft
- Corridor
- Restaurant
- Hotel

Furnish rooms creatively with clothes racks

Are you looking for creative furnishing solutions for your industrial-style apartment? Then the clothes racks from our range should not be missing. They are characterized by a cool metal look and prove to be functional and practical. Since they can be converted as required, they are suitable for rooms of all types and sizes. You can not only use them as a replacement for wardrobes and wardrobes, but also as room dividers. The clothes racks in industrial design harmonize excellently with other furniture, accessories and furnishings in industrial style.
- high material and manufacturing quality
- exclusive, creative and individual industrial design
- versatile
- ideal for living areas, lofts, foyers, offices and waiting areas
- Can be combined in many ways with other furniture, furnishings and accessories

Buy clothes racks online

Industrial design is simple, cool and plain. This also applies to our clothes racks made of high-quality metal. They are characterized by a sober design and yet immediately catch the eye. The custom-fit and precisely processed constructions come from an upcycling of materials from industry and crafts. There is no more practical solution for storing clothes. You too can use industrial style clothes racks to design your bedroom, loft or entrance area. Benefit here at from a large selection, reliable quality and fast shipping.