Discover desks from designer brands that are ideal for integrating into brutalist lofts or industrial style home interiors.



Industrial style desks

An office no longer has to be boring and dusty. Nowadays, the main focus is more and more on the modern and that often combines various wood looks with stainless steel or cast iron elements, i.e. the so-called industrial style. It can be found in a large number of pieces of furniture, especially the industrial style desks.

Modern industrial style in the workplace

The desk is the place that becomes a real eye-catcher in every office. It doesn't matter whether the office is used for business or private purposes. It is important that there is enough space to store important documents out of sight and to have everything to hand that is necessary for everyday work. The industrial design desk impresses with its nostalgic charm. In addition to a stable solid wood tabletop, there is a substructure made of solid metal, which gives the desks something very special.

Particularity of the materials and colors for desks in industrial style

Materials such as iron, concrete or wood play a very special role in the industrial look. Whether brown, black or dark grey, the angular lines and the reduced and therefore quite simple design give the desks in the industrial style a strong visual expression. The desks in industrial design are therefore not only perfect for the modern office, but also for the private sector, because the modern industrial design makes it easy. The materials used are of high quality, kept in a classic, simple color and are therefore simply perfect for any furnishing style.

Industrial design desks for every occasion

Industrial furniture combines typical industrial elements with solid wood and steel. The stable substructure that supports the tabletop is particularly striking. It is often designed in such a way that it is kept quite simple, but looks all the more authentic, which is not least due to the materials used. In addition to a solid tabletop, many industrial-style desks have additional storage compartments, which are very important for a desk. They fit harmoniously under the tabletop to accommodate important office utensils. But drawers are also very popular, because many little things can be stored here that make everyday office life easier, but often cause a lot of chaos on the table itself.

Industrial style desks in numerous designs

As different as the individual rooms are, the industrial-style desks also come in different sizes. Here you will find very simple models that still offer enough space to work properly. They usually convince with their simple straight lines, so that they can be easily integrated into any furnishing style. You can choose the size individually in order to be able to accommodate the desired industrial-style desks precisely. A special highlight is certainly the corner desk in industrial design, which also ensures space-saving accommodation.

Industrial design desks for every room

Do you need a large desk to be able to work optimally on it? That's no problem at all, because industrial design desks are also available in the right size. In many cases, the desk can also be supplemented with an additional monitor stand, which also bears the color and, of course, the material of the table top. The depth of the table can be very individual and thus perfectly adapted to your own wishes and needs. Especially if the premises offer a lot of space, desks in industrial design that are of the appropriate size can of course be selected. Drawers or shelves are particularly practical, so that the modern industrial-style desks always look tidy.