Discover sideboards from designer brands that are ideal for integrating into brutalist lofts or industrial style home interiors.



Modern sideboards in industrial style

Industrial design is more than a passion, more than just a furnishing style or a dusty fashion idea. It combines modernity with traditional values, high quality design with flexibility. Especially with sideboards in the industrial style you get your money's worth and get to know all the advantages of this noble variant.

Industrial design and sideboards combined

Sideboards in the industrial style are not only versatile and flexible in use, because they embody the passion and attention to detail of an entire furniture division. The industrial design gives the sideboard a raw power that is not left alone. A playful elegance is added, which refines the industrial design and makes it extraordinary. This unique combination of two properties that are actually completely different characterizes this style of furnishing in particular. From this, possibilities and ideas develop that seem simply impossible with other styles. All in all, with an industrial-style sideboard, you don't just get a piece made out of pressboard like you would at a discounter. Industrial-style sideboards immediately enhance your home with their subtle and concise style. They know how to adapt to your home without fundamentally changing it. With high ceilings and open spaces, they can be perfectly combined with the room. But they can also be integrated into smaller rooms and deeper ceilings.

Industrial design gives you many options

Although sideboards in an industrial style fundamentally set the direction of the design and furnishing style, they do not restrict you in your creative diversity. In addition to bright plants and large glasses, you can also decorate simple crockery, elegant vases or simply color-coordinated seasonal fashion. You see that you are completely free in your design. Of course, you have to stay in one direction somewhere when it comes to the additional design of your industrial style sideboards, but that is the case with every decoration variant.

Fair production, sustainable processes

Style, design and flexibility are all well and good, but what if other important factors fall by the wayside? What about the environment and working conditions? is clearly committed to more than fair conditions and a sustainable production process in the production of furniture in industrial design . Therefore, long delivery routes and cheap production are ruled out in advance and are avoided. Industrial style sideboards can only be brought to the customer with a clear conscience if the underlying basis is sound. After all, the foundation of a concept must be stable and rock solid before anything can be built on top of it. That is exactly the claim of and it is built on.

Industrial style meets customer requirements

The furnishing style at home only gives a well-rounded picture if the furniture is coordinated. A sideboard in this special style makes an absolute eye-catching statement and is more important than you might think at first glance. It is an essential piece of furniture that no home should be without. The industrial design makes a sideboard look a bit minimalist at first, but when you take a closer look at it, it brings a harmony and grace into your home that you don't want to miss anymore. Industrial-style sideboards embody good taste, a love of high-quality design and harmony across the board. If you are sensitive and stylish, then these sideboards are for you. Thanks to industrial design, you can give your home its own chosen identity, furnishing it with a strong and inspiring level.

High-quality industrial sideboards in an exclusive design

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