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Discover sofas and couches from designer brands that are ideal for integrating into brutalist lofts or industrial style home interiors.



Industrial style sofa - the unique look for your home

The industrial style is currently one of the most popular living trends - and rightly so. Earthy colors are combined with natural materials that are often even recycled. So if you are looking for environmentally friendly yet stylish furniture, then this furnishing trend is perfect for you. The style stems from the earlier housing shortages in some major cities, where old factory buildings have been converted into apartments while retaining the industrial look. The industrial design of the architecture was then also reflected in the furniture.

With the industrial style sofas from our store, you can bring the furnishing trend into your own living room. Our high-quality industrial style sofas are a real eye-catcher in every house and apartment. They fit both in large rooms with high ceilings reminiscent of the original loft style and in small apartments. Here, the sofas in industrial design create a special atmosphere and comfort. The "used look" typical of industrial design also gives your sofa a unique look.

The right sofa in industrial design for every room

There are a few things to consider when furnishing your home with industrial design sofas. If you have large rooms, you can let your creativity run wild when choosing the furniture. Both a large sofa landscape made of wood and leather as well as smaller two- or three-seaters combined with the matching armchairs or side tables give your apartment that special loft character.

If your living room is rather small, you should better do without a large, bulky corner sofa in industrial design. Small industrial style sofas are ideal for small rooms – for example with a metal frame and seat pads and covers made of leather or cotton. When choosing the color, you should use your existing industrial style furniture as a guide. Your living room is guaranteed to have the unique industrial charm that makes this furnishing trend so popular.

Industrial design sofa - particularly easy to care for and durable

The Industrial Style sofas are not only comfortable and chic, but also very easy to care for. Natural and often recycled materials such as cotton, leather and wood are used in the manufacture of the sofas. This naturalness ensures that you can also clean your industrial furniture very easily. You can get rid of dust and crumbs with a cloth or a vacuum cleaner. Small stains on the covers can simply be wiped off with a damp cloth. You can even remove the covers of some Industrial Style sofas and clean them in the washing machine - cleaning couldn't be easier! Sofas with elements made of steel or metal not only exude the unique charm of the industrial style, but can also be easily wiped off by you.

Another advantage of the Industrial Style sofas is their high level of robustness, which makes them particularly durable. With proper care, leather is very durable. And the elements made of metal or solid wood are resistant to bumps and scratches. This guarantees that you will enjoy your sofa and the other furniture in this style for a long time.

The measure of all things – you should pay attention to that

If you bring home industrial style sofas, you should consider a few things. The choice of sofa materials can make a big difference in whether or not your friends feel comfortable in your home. If you already have a lot of wooden furniture in your four walls, then your new sofa should be made of other materials, otherwise the furnishing of your apartment will quickly remind you of a Norwegian forest hut. Metal is best for maintaining the industrial character. But be careful: too much metal makes the booth look cold and uncomfortable. The selected materials should therefore always be used in moderation.