Standing shelves

Discover standing shelves from designer brands that are ideal for integrating into brutalist lofts or industrial style home interiors.



Industrial style standing shelves

Furniture , object furnishing and decoration in industrial design are becoming increasingly popular. Industrial style free-standing shelves are particularly compact, so you can set them up to save space. The standing shelves are spacious and provide plenty of space for a wide variety of decorative objects.

Noble design and perfect functionality

Industrial design shelves are a real eye-catcher in every living room. Her structure is a successful mixture of elegance and rawness. Upcycling also takes materials from factories, workshops and warehouses and puts them to a new use. This is how clever storage solutions are created in the form of standing shelves. Industrial-style shelving not only has a decorative effect, but also offers plenty of storage space.

Qualitative and aesthetic standing shelves in industrial design

Industrial-style shelving is a great idea for furnishing living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms with an industrial design. They have a high material and processing quality, making them durable, robust and easy to clean. However, the expressive design of these standing shelves offers that certain something. Extraordinary geometries and material combinations make the free-standing shelves a real highlight. They are also easy and flexible to install. You can find the right standing shelves for the living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom and office here in the shop. Below you will find more information about the elegant and at the same time practical standing shelves in industrial style.

This characterizes the free-standing shelves in the industrial style

Our industrial design free-standing shelves complement each other perfectly with other furniture, objects and home accessories in industrial design. Their special combinations of metal and wood make the free-standing shelves special and give them a high recognition value. Natural colors and structures are also typical for the free-standing shelves from our range. The raw surfaces ensure a special feel and an unusual vintage or used look.

Industrial standing shelves for every room

As an eye-catcher for large and open rooms such as lofts and foyers, the free-standing shelves in industrial design from our range are perfect. But they also prove to be practical and decorative in living and dining rooms. In addition to anindustrial lamp and an armchair, you can set up a cozy book corner in your industrial loft with such a standing shelf, where you always have your favorite books at hand.

In our range you will find a large selection of free-standing shelves in industrial design. We offer something suitable for every room. They can be perfectly combined with other furniture and decorations. The industrial style free-standing shelves are not only an elegant eye-catcher, but also an extremely practical and space-saving storage solution. Now at benefit from a large selection of brands, reliable quality, attractive prices and fast delivery.