Discover carpets from designer brands that are ideal for integrating into brutalist lofts or industrial style home interiors.



Industrial style rug

When it comes to decoration to round off your interior in minimalist industrial design, then you should also pay attention to the carpets. Industrial carpets are a homely optimization of your furnishing style in the spirit of brutalism and make a clear statement on the floor. In the shop you will find industrial style rugs made of different materials in predominantly subtle colors and designs to underline a minimalist living concept. Striking statement pieces for a clear and individual decoration on the floor can be found among them, as well as emphatically minimalist carpets in industrial design, subtly reduced in shape and colour. All carpets available in the shop come exclusively from European designer brands for high-quality modern carpet design. The production is mostly done by hand and each piece is unique with small deviations. Give your style of living in industrial design your personal signature on the floor and make your rooms comfortable thanks to the variety of industrial style carpets!

Industrial style carpets as the perfect decoration for a minimalist furnishing style

To optimize your style of living in industrial design, a rather reduced, linear design is also recommended when choosing the right carpet. In order not to break the style and to create the interior design for your home as if it were made of one piece, industrial style carpets are the icing on the cake. Optically matching carpets complete a minimalist furnishing style in the spirit of aesthetic brutalism. You will also find a selection of carpet collections in the shop that match the philosophy of contemporary living in an ambience of minimalist and aesthetic consistency. Individual aspects, even a deviation in the carpet pattern or colors are definitely desired and wanted and underline your individual style of living. In any case, you can be sure to only find carpets in the shop that correspond to the spirit and ambience of industrial design with style, creativity and imagination. Whether as a striking eye-catcher and statement piece or a harmonious rounding off of your uniform overall impression, in the shop you will find industrial style carpets that suit you and your individual style of living.

Clear shapes and colors for a harmonious overall impression in industrial design

The optically perfect addition to industrial furniture are square shapes. In the shop you will find a selection of square or rectangular rugs in different sizes. The angular underlines the linear design that focuses on the essentials in a carpet with or without fringes. Muted and clear colors such as beige or grey, black or white also go well with this, also in creative and individual combinations with one another. Some carpet makers deliberately do without playful patterns, while others in turn weave in subtle patterns. Since all carpets in the shop were carefully handcrafted in Europe, industrial style carpets may also show slight deviations in pattern and color gradients. Such individual subtleties make up the charm of a carpet and give a stylishly furnished apartment with an industrial design an individual touch. In addition, you will always find industrial style carpets in expressive monochrome colors such as black or green in the shop. However, in the spirit of industrial design, excessively colorful, unnaturally shrill or garish colors are deliberately avoided.

Carpets made from natural and sustainable materials

As with colors and shapes, sustainability and naturalness are also popular with the materials for industrial style carpets. Cotton and wool can be found among them, as well as particularly minimalist and reduced-looking carpets made of sisal. Mixed forms made of different materials for maximum durability are also possible. All carpets in the shop harmoniously combine design and pattern, colors and color combinations with selected materials.