Wall lamps

Discover wall lamps from designer brands that are ideal for integrating into brutalist lofts or industrial style home interiors.



Industrial wall lamp: raw charm for modern living environments

If you love the look of old factory buildings with tall windows, concrete walls and the charm of cast-iron elements, you'll hit the mark with industrial design. The industrial style concentrates on the essentials, uses typical stylistic elements and is also very popular because it represents the perfect antithesis to our technological present. Industrial wall lamps fit perfectly into minimalist lofts that impress with their large, open room design. You don't necessarily need an open living and dining area to furnish yourself like this, but if you furnish yourself according to the motto "less is more", you can implement the style just as well.

The typical materials for industrial wall lights

In industrial design, glass, concrete and metal go well with unplastered walls, steel structures and exposed concrete. Just like the furniture, wall lamps made of these raw materials also have a special charm, appealing through their simplicity and functionality. Despite all this, they can also score with a certain elegance, which comes into its own when you combine it with a few older elements. This is how a very personal look develops, which has the charm of the imperfect.

Strongly designed wall lights in an industrial style: anything but sober

One material is also favored for industrial lamps : metal. Steel, aluminum or iron perfectly embody the industrial style. Wall lamps in industrial design set rough and cool accents. Here you can see bare lightbulbs in metal housings as well as voluminous lampshades made of Dibond or metal. They all exude clarity without any distracting elements. Above the dining table , generous industrial lights come into their own, and are often complemented by smaller, matching wall lights. In an industrial design home, the combination of the cool metal with natural objects is very important, as they bring the necessary warmth to the environment. Industrialkonzept offers you a wealth of high-quality wall lights in industrial design, each one full of character.

Industrial wall lamps by Industrialkonzept embody simplicity, minimalism and, last but not least, the brutalism that the style has produced. Our wall lights offer you a wealth of design options and can be combined with a wide variety of furniture. They come from leading brands and are designed by well-known designers. Quite a few of them have already received design awards for this. Our industrial-style wall lights thrive on the contrasts between large and small, between narrow and expansive. The shapes of their lampshades are so clearly defined that one cannot help but look closely at them. The colors also have a say here, because industrial style does not necessarily mean reduction to grey, black and white. With a bright red or bright green wall lamp you can set accents - it is important that you use such furnishings very purposefully and sparingly.

Industrial wall lamps by well-known designers - accentuated and clear

Our industrial wall lamps are in a class of their own - for example the high-quality industrial wall lamps from the designer label House Doctor , which almost look like sculptures. The expressiveness of the shape is further underlined by the matt black lacquered metal, which gives it a certain timelessness. It doesn't matter whether you want to emphasize a certain corner of the room or spread a more diffuse light, at industrialkonzept.com you will find outstanding lights with a distinctive industrial design.