Industrial Wohnzimmer

Industrial living room

Would you like to set up an industrial style living room? Discover now the wide variety of our industrial living room furniture and let yourself be inspired.



Industrial style living room

There are many ways to set up an industrial look living room. It's not just large pieces of furniture like sofas , tables , chairs , and stools. Home textiles and accessories also round off the raw and brutalist industrial style living room. From the daybed to industrial shelves and carpets to industrial table lamps and vases , you will find numerous high-quality furnishings for your industrial living room at Industrialkonzept.

Striking furniture for the industrial living room

The raw and striking look of industrial design does not always have to look like an old factory floor. It is furniture with clean lines and an unusual shape that stands out from the norm. Industrialconcept therefore offers an attractive selection of different seating furniture and other functional furniture. Materials such as leather, metal, wood or stone form the basis of the industrial look living room. You have the choice between light and dark colors such as black, anthracite, gray or brown. Other colors such as gold, silver and bronze are often integrated into the designs. This creates an elegant look that also contributes to a cozy atmosphere.

Unusual designs are an integral part of an industrial look living room. They are unusual seating furniture with more or less upholstery. In addition, unexpected materials such as robust safety glass or cleverly staged solid wood provide an eye-catcher in the industrial style living room. Sometimes it is the combination of traditional and unconventional elements that makes a piece of furniture so charming. There are chairs and stools with different backrests or shelves whose design concentrates on the essentials. The high quality is the core that connects the appealing designer pieces.

Aesthetic lighting solutions for the industrial look living room

So that you always have a perfect view and all your furniture is shown to its best advantage, you will find a wide range of lighting in industrial design in the online shop. In addition to ceiling and pendant lights for the basic lighting in your living room, you can also get wall, table and floor lamps. There is the right lighting for every area. The various manufacturers rely on a robust look and materials such as metal, wood or glass.

In addition to extremely industrial models that are reminiscent of old pipes, there are also more subtle variants. They work with small lampshades and long cables that accentuate the industrial living room as a little something extra. Lampshades in gold or bronze provide a particularly cozy light. On the other hand, lamps with playful glass elements are suitable for special lighting effects. For even more ambience and mood lighting, you can distribute candle holders on the tables and shelves of your industrial-style living room. Their warm light is a nice contrast to cool designs, metal and concrete in the industrial living room.

Accessories for your industrial style living room

The numerous decorations and home textiles in the online shop show that an industrial style living room can also be comfortable. Carpets made of natural materials in achromatic colors and vases made of glass or ceramics as well as large mirrors round off the industrial look living room and make it your home. They are also your way of bringing more life into an otherwise understated and minimalistic industrial living room.

You can pick up the color of your large furniture and establish a theme in the room. Alternatively, you can set new highlights with modern decorative cushions, runners and green plants in large planters. With carpets in grey, beige or other subtle colors you can ensure more comfort without changing the style of your industrial living room. If the latter is what you want to achieve, then you will also find colorful runners in the range for your industrial look living room.