Submission Terms And Conditions

1. These rules apply when you send us content like texts, images, videos, drawings, etc., for your architecture or art projects.

2. By submitting content, you agree to these rules and grant us the right to use your content.

3. You allow us to use your content worldwide and for free for various purposes, such as on our website, in promotional materials, on social media, etc.

4. We will not pay you for your content, but it may be featured on our website and in other materials.

5. We can edit, decide not to use, or remove your content at any time.

6. You guarantee that your content does not infringe any third-party rights, you have all necessary rights to it, it is not offensive or illegal, and does not contain harmful programs.

7. In case of legal issues with your content, you must immediately inform and assist us.

8. You are responsible for any problems arising from your content.

9. You waive your moral rights to the content.

10. We process your personal data according to our privacy policy.

11. These rules may change. Check them regularly before submitting content.

12. You agree to promptly complete necessary documents to comply with these rules.

13. If any part of these rules is invalid, it will be adjusted or removed without affecting the validity of the rest.