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A Bauhaus-Inspired Haven: Mark's Favorite Pieces and Design Inspirations

by @industrialkonzept Team

The Interior Stories series is all about bringing you closer to people who have a keen eye for interior design and are passionate about creating unique living spaces. In this interview, we present to you Mark, an advertising creative and designer from Melbourne, Australia who shares his love for creative expression through interior design. Mark's style is Bauhaus-inspired with an emphasis on chrome furniture and stainless steel accents. He believes that anyone can make their space look good with a sense of style and a keen eye for design. In this article, Mark takes us through his journey into interior design, his creative outlets, and his unique approach to curating a cohesive living space. He shares his favorite furniture pieces, design inspirations, and tips on decorating on a budget. So, whether you're looking for inspiration for your own living space or want to learn more about the art of curation, read on and discover the world of interior design with Mark.


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Creating a Cohesive Space: Mark's Journey into Interior Design

Mark's passion for creative expression and style has always been a part of his life. It was only natural that it extended to his living space as well. He explains, "I’ve always been creative and have had a strong style sensibility – it extends to pretty much every aspect of my life." For him, designing his space wasn't much different from putting together a fashionable outfit. He emphasizes the importance of cohesion in his interior design, saying, "Choosing pieces that create cohesion through materials, texture, etc."

The lockdown period further reinforced the significance of having a comfortable space. Mark believes that it is not just about surviving a lockdown but also about thriving in your surroundings. He says, "Lockdown definitely accelerated the importance of creating a space you can be comfortable in." Even when he is not confined to his home, Mark takes pride in curating his surroundings. He adds, "But I spend so much time here even out of lockdown, so there’s a level of curation and pride I have towards my surroundings." For Mark, interior design is not just about aesthetics; it's about creating a space that reflects his personality and brings him comfort.

Industrial Bauhaus Interior


A Creative Intersection: Mark's Other Outlets and Their Influence on Interior Design

Mark's love for creative expression extends beyond interior design. He reveals, "I’m just really into different types of creative expression. I started drawing comics and cartoons super young, then it evolved into graphic design, and then an interest in fashion… I consume anything from anime to music, to art, design and style (by that I mean over 'fashion') and heaps more." His diverse interests and experiences have influenced his approach to interior design.

Mark believes that having a sense of style is crucial in making any space look good. He says, "But that last point is how I approached designing my space – you can make anything look good if you have a sense of style." For him, interior design is about creating a cohesive space that reflects his personality and style sensibility. He has mastered the art of decorating on a budget and reveals that 80% of his furniture is from Marketplace. He advises, "You don’t have to splash cash, you’ve just gotta know what you’re looking for."

Mark's love for different forms of creative expression and his ability to curate on a budget has enabled him to create a space that is uniquely his own.


Mark's Favorite Interior Elements: Cohesion, Value, and Style

Mark's interior design is a reflection of his personality and style sensibility. When asked about his favorite elements in his space, he finds it hard to choose just three. He says, "Damn, it’s hard to choose just three. Everything in my space has purpose." Nonetheless, he does reveal some of his most cherished pieces.

The first item that he loves is his Le Corbusier LC5 couch. He found it on Marketplace and was able to score it at an incredible price. He says, "I found it on Marketplace, and the person selling it had zero idea of its value, so I scored it for an insanely good price." For Mark, value and aesthetics go hand in hand.

Le Corbusier LC5 sofa

Le Corbusier LC5 sofa and Korban Flaubert side table

The second item that he adores is his Korban Flaubert stainless steel side table. It is a piece that he acquired from an office that was going to discard it. He says, "An office I used to work in was going to dump it so I scooped it up real quick." The unique design of the table has garnered him many DMs asking where he got it from.

Finally, Mark's love for cohesion is evident in his search for "chrome furniture" on Marketplace. He seeks out Bauhaus-inspired pieces that complement his style. He describes his setup as "heaps of tubular chrome, stainless steel and black leather." He adds, "I’m super particular, but every thing in every room works altogether." For Mark, cohesion is the key to creating a space that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.


Mark's Favorite Furniture Designers: Timeless Elegance with USM Haller and Byron Botker

Mark's love for interior design is not limited to curating his space. He also has a keen eye for furniture designers. When asked about his favorite furniture designer, he says, "USM Haller. It’s timeless and understated. For those ‘IYKYK’ types." He appreciates the simplicity and elegance of USM Haller's designs.

However, he also reveals that he recently acquired a piece by Byron Botker and is blown away by the designer's catalogue. He says, "But I recently got a piece by Byron Botker and his catalogue is insane – so a super close second." He is drawn to the uniqueness and creativity of Botker's designs.

Mark's interior object grail is also tied to his favorite furniture designers. He says, "Very similar to the previous answer, anything by USM Haller or the Byron Botker sofa for Landes." He considers these pieces to be the epitome of timeless elegance and creative design. For Mark, interior design is not just about creating a space that looks good, but also about finding and appreciating the artistry and craftsmanship behind each piece of furniture.

 Bauhaus living room

Industrial Bauhaus Interior

Bauhaus office

Bauhaus cantilever chair


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