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Since its founding in 1980 under the direction of Benedict Taschen, TASCHEN Verlag has developed into an independent publishing house that initially focused on selling comics. Later, the publishing house expanded its range to include art books and is now particularly known for its impressive illustrated books in the fields of architecture, art, design, film, photography and lifestyle.

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Four decades of TASCHEN: A triumph of book art

For 40 years, TASCHEN Verlag has been shaping the world of books with its innovative approach to book design and a remarkable diversity in its publications. This journey began in the 1980s with a small comic book store that grew into a world-renowned brand with stores in major cities such as Cologne, London and Hong Kong.

The art of book design

Benedikt Taschen, the founder of TASCHEN Verlag, revolutionized the art book market with a simple but powerful idea: to offer first-class art books at affordable prices. This "democratization of the art book market" led to the introduction of the "Kleine Reihe Kunst" series, which made art accessible to everyone.

Innovation and diversity

In addition to art, TASCHEN is dedicated to a variety of topics, including architecture, design, fashion, photography and even erotica. The publisher showed courage when it published "Helmut Newton SUMO" in 1999, a literally heavyweight work, a groundbreaking format at an unusual price at the time.

Change of leadership and sustainability

Benedikt's daughter, Marlene Taschen, has been managing the publishing house since 2017 and is continuing her father's legacy. One notable development is the publishing house's commitment to climate neutrality. By purchasing carbon credits from Instituto Terra, a Brazilian reforestation program, every TASCHEN publication contributes to the creation of new rainforest trees.

TASCHEN Verlag remains a shining example of how creativity, commitment and visionary leadership can have a lasting impact on the world of books and beyond. With a blend of traditional book arts and forward-thinking initiatives, TASCHEN is setting new standards in the publishing industry.