Two decades of Daniel Arsham and Galerie Perrotin - industrial concept store

Two decades of Daniel Arsham and Galerie Perrotin

by @industrialkonzept Team

Two decades of Daniel Arsham and Galerie Perrotin: A dual exhibition celebrating a milestone

From exploring giant eroded sculptures to collaborating with Pokémon on his own mini-episode and becoming creative director of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Daniel Arsham has undoubtedly left an indelible mark over the past 20 years. Over the course of this journey, gallerist Emmanuel Perrotin has played a pivotal role in fostering the New York-based artist's growth, helping him achieve the preeminent status he enjoys today through a series of exhibitions at Perrotin's global art venues.

In celebration of their 20-year artistic partnership, Perrotin will present a dual exhibition next month showcasing Arsham's work at its Paris and New York locations. The exhibition will delve into the realms of space and materiality, offering insights into various pivotal moments of Arsham's artistic journey. A forthcoming collaboration with Star Wars will take center stage, showcasing a variety of new eroded sculptures made from hydrostone and quartz crystals, as well as a fresh collection of paintings made with a custom impasto paint he developed to evoke the textures of the Renaissance era.

Looking back on their early connection, Emmanuel Perrotin shared, "I met Daniel when he was an aspiring 22-year-old artist living in his studio space. I was immediately captivated by his extraordinary talent and unique perspective. Daniel's creative expressions transcend the traditional boundaries of fine art and seamlessly span multiple industries. As he continues to flourish, his work remains accessible to a wide audience, solidifying his leadership position in limited editions, collaborations, and a robust online presence. Witnessing Daniel's transformation has been an incredibly rewarding journey as our gallery has evolved alongside his illustrious career."

Highlights of the exhibition include never-before-seen sketches Arsham made on hotel stationery, presented in a classic salon arrangement. In addition, his iconic works "Falling Clocks" and "Veiled Poem", which artfully manipulate the surfaces of the gallery walls, will continue to fascinate visitors.

Despite his dynamic shifts between mediums and motifs, a thread of nostalgia has persistently run through Arsham's two-decade career. This inclination, coupled with an observant foresight, drives him to immortalize elements that are often overlooked in the present moment and will be explored by future civilizations. Patrick Moore, director and curator of the Andy Warhol Museum, reflected on this aspect, saying, "Arsham's work evokes a bittersweet nostalgia, reminding us of the great wonders of American life and pop culture that are now a thing of the past. This feeling is reflected in his sketches on hotel stationery, which preserve the artist's journey through travel and the evolution of his artistic style and techniques over time."

In keeping with his philosophy for each exhibition and exclusive release, Arsham's works stem from a personal desire to realize entities he wishes to see in our world. He strives for his work to trigger introspection and evoke joy in others, embodying his artistic philosophy.

The exhibition, entitled "20 Years / 20 Ans", will open at Perrotin Paris on September 2 and run until October 7. It will then be shown in parallel in New York from September 6 to October 14.

Visit the exhibition

Perrotin Paris
76 Rue de Turenne
75003 Paris, France

Perrotin New York
130 Orchard St
New York, NY 10002

Cover picture: © Perrotin Gallery

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