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Discover clothes rails from designer brands that are ideal for integrating into brutalist lofts or industrial style home interiors.



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Industrial design is becoming increasingly important. There are a number of reasons for this. One of the main reasons for the great enthusiasm is the simple and at the same time timeless design. Industrial style furniture exudes a consistency that is in demand by many people these days. A clothes rail in industrial design is therefore something very special anyway.

Typical materials for clothes rails in industrial design

This furnishing style is essentially based on the earlier furnishing of factory buildings. That's why even today, industrial-style furniture is mostly made of metal. In most cases it is coated or chromed steel. The material is robust and has a very high stability. As a result, such pieces of furniture achieve a very long service life.

In addition, the processing of the parts is striking. For example, clothes rails that are made of tubes are not just boringly plugged in, but held together with special screw or welded connections.

In the industrial style, however, wood also plays an important role. Not only clothes rails, but also numerous other furnishings in industrial design are made from combinations of wood and metal parts.

Clothes rails as an important furnishing element

First and foremost, a clothes rail should offer a high level of utility. Pieces of clothing are hung on it. Since it is usually placed right next to the entrance area in the hallway or another access area of ​​the apartment, it should not only be functional, but also visually appealing. Exactly these requirements are met by the clothes rails in industrial style. The clothes rails are usually the first piece of furniture that guests notice. The well-known adage that first impressions count also applies to home furnishing.

Characteristics of the clothes rails in industrial style

The starting point for this special style of living dates back to the 1960s. At that time, empty industrial halls were often converted due to the lack of living space. They initially served artists as studios or other spaces for creative work. After that, they used them as living quarters. The old furnishings were already used back then. The furniture in the distinctive style radiates a certain independence and freedom even today.

Today the clothes rails that hung in the industrial halls for decades are no longer used. They are recreated for this, but still have the same charm. This style of interior design combines a special aesthetic with a high utility value. That's what's special about him.

An important point is also that clothes rails in industrial style are very space-saving. You could say they look minimalist. Nevertheless, they offer enough space for numerous items of clothing. There is probably no other furnishing style in which clothes rails can accommodate so many items of clothing with a comparable space requirement.

Industrial clothes rails fit into almost any interior

The industrial style is often associated with large rooms and high ceilings. But that doesn't have to be the case. Of course, clothes rails in industrial style also fit into a smaller apartment and even into a narrow hallway. Since they don't take up much space themselves, they even make the room appear much larger than it actually is. Thanks to their design, industrial-style clothes rails do not disturb the lighting conditions in the room.

In addition, it does not matter in which style the other rooms of the apartment are furnished. A clothes rail in industrial design fits in any case.
- exclusive, individual industrial design
- high quality of materials and workmanship
- ideal for living rooms, lofts, foyers, offices and waiting areas
- Can be combined in many ways with other pieces of furniture, equipment and accessories