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Industrial bedroom

Would you like to set up an industrial style bedroom? Discover the wide variety of our industrial bedroom furniture now and let yourself be inspired.



Furnish a modern bedroom with an industrial look

Old or disused factories have a special charm. Rough materials meet functionality and linear design. It's no wonder that furniture designers are inspired by old production facilities. The result of the creative creation process is impressive. Industrial shelves , chests of drawers, open wardrobes and clothes racks made of metal are filigree and striking at the same time. Industrial side tables made of shiny metal in black and gray tones or gold-colored nuances, metal stools with velvet seats, no-frills mirrors and wall, ceiling or table lamps in a minimalist design set clear accents. The combination of the individual pieces of furniture may well be rich in contrast. That makes you want to set yourself up again from time to time. In the online shop Industrialkonzept you will find designer furniture and decorative items to give your bedroom the trendy industrial look. You can combine pieces with vintage charm, modern and linear furniture and elegant industrial bedroom furnishings to your heart's content. This creates a living ambience that bears your personal signature.

Industrial bedroom: timelessly beautiful industrial charm

In the industrial style bedroom, the focus is on striking materials. Solid solid wood furniture, metal shelves as well as chairs and seating made of leather and imitation leather make up the living style. Glass and concrete also characterize the industrial look. Anyone who thinks that the industrial bedroom has to have a rough and masculine look is wrong. An example of this are the clothes racks and wardrobes made of metal. With this style of living, clothing is often kept open. The clothes rails are made of metal tubes and appear extremely filigree with their slim, linear and reduced shape. Combined with solid wood furniture, the result is an industrial bedroom rich in contrast. Shelves and chests inspire with clear lines and geometric shapes. In open shelving systems you can perfectly present selected books, decorative elements or art objects. The furniture design for the industrial style bedroom is functional, aesthetic and shapely. The color palette is in the subtle range. In this way, you can use individual color accents to direct the gaze.

Industrial bedroom with mood lighting

Proper lighting was essential for working on the factory floor. Unadorned lampshades made of enamelled sheet steel, sockets that reveal the lightbulb and lamp models with protective grilles or in the form of spotlights were the light sources in industrial buildings. The principle "form follows function" was adopted. Pendant lights, wall lights , spotlights and table lamps from well-known designer brands are available on the Industrialkonzept shopping platform. In contrast to the lighting concept of the factory halls, the lamps in the industrial style bedroom are equipped with warm white light bulbs. This creates a cozy ambience with atmospheric light. Industrial-style lighting can be made of metal, tin, glass, wood, hemp rope, concrete, or metal tubing. The somewhat more filigree wall and table lamps harmoniously complement the ceiling lighting. Many wall lamp models can be swiveled freely and offer maximum flexibility.

Vintage, urban or rustic: the industrial look is versatile

Hardly any style of living has as much to offer as the trendy industrial look. Those who prefer a rustic style rely on solid wooden furniture. Linear furnishings made of metal underline the urban flair of the industrial bedroom. Metal elements with fittings and wooden elements and furniture with a used look emphasize the vintage charm of the industrial style bedroom. The room concept is based on natural colors. In spacious rooms, the colors can be a little darker. The industrial style bedroom is given its finishing touch with selected accessories. Mirrors with metal frames, black-and-white photos, large paintings or graphic prints, sculptures made of clay, concrete or metal and vases in geometric shapes are sophisticated design elements. Convince yourself of the variety and discover furnishings for your industrial style bedroom at Industrialkonzept. Our designer furniture is functional, aesthetic, timeless and of high quality.