Living room lamps

Discover living room lamps from designer brands that are ideal for integrating into brutalist lofts or industrial style home interiors.



Industrial living room lamps - variety of designs

Set unique accents with industrial living room lamps. The shop industrial concept presents ceiling lights , dining table lamps, wall lamps and floor lamps in the typical industrial style. Functionality and individual designs meet comfort. The living room lights in trendy industrial design spread warm, soothing light.

Design living room with light - Industrial living room lamps

Materials such as metal, glass and wood are typical of the industrial style. The industrial concept shop presents a creative variety of the most beautiful industrial living room lamps. Great designer lamps are presented for a wide variety of room areas.

For a real loft ambience, lamps with warm light are recommended for the living room lamps. The designs borrow from older 20th century factory lamps when incandescent bulbs were used. High-quality warm-light LEDs spread a cozy, soft light and create a pleasant atmosphere.

Combine different lamp types for atmospheric light. A multi-armed central lamp with decorative glass lights can be attached for room lighting. Dimmable ceiling lights are ideal, as you can adjust the light as needed. The upholstered corner can be pleasantly illuminated with a chic industrial-style floor lamp. You can supplement the lighting with the large selection of decorative industrial design wall lamps.

In order to design the room with light, the various lights can be switched on as required. Create a dim, cozy atmosphere while watching TV with wall lights. Snuggle up in the reading chair under a swiveling reading lamp. Illuminate the upholstered corner for social gatherings with a stylish industrial-style floor lamp. Bathe the room in warm light with the decorative glass or metal ceiling light.

Different types of lamps in industrial style

Height-adjustable pendant lights are the perfect lighting for the dining table in the living room. Industrial living room lamps with metal bells made of brass, brushed silver or dark steel are ideal for glare-free, direct table lighting. Decorative glass balls on steel beams or chains offer a larger radiant circle. Lamps with metal plates and attached cylinders or multi-armed models with crossed metal supports and LED filament bulbs are presented in unusual designs. Industrial style glass cylinders and spheres with two or more arms are also suitable as central lights.

Wall lamps complement the primary lamps and at the same time create a pleasant background lighting. A swiveling wall lamp in black, silver or gold is the perfect reading light. Slim metal cylinders prevent the lamps from dazzling. Wall lamps made of artificially aged tubular rods with dial gauges prove to be unique eye-catchers. You can attach the decorative industrial design living room lamps in the seating area, next to the wall unit or as niche lighting.

The floor lamps are indispensable for the Industrial living room lamps. Here you will find creative designs with intricate steel stands, black tripod lights or lampshades made of wood and metal. Long-armed, swiveling umbrella lamps in industrial design combine beauty and flexible functionality.

Fulfill your dream of a chandelier in the living room and stay true to the industrial style design. Four to eight-armed ceiling lights are available with tubular rods, slender metal arms, with pendant rods, chains and beautiful filament LEDs. Creations with curved steel tubes and small cylinders are unusual and modern.

Industrial living room lamps in a creative variety

When it comes to lighting design with lights in industrial design, you can rely on variety. Different designs can be perfectly combined with the Industrial living room lamps. The lamp made of tubular rods can certainly be combined with a modern industrial style made of smooth steel or brass tubing. Colors that can be ideally combined are silver or brass with black. However, more than two colors should not be chosen.

Where a lot of brightness and wide circles of light are desired, you can rely on glass lights. Glass spheres, LED light bulbs or glass cylinders are available in clear glass, colored glass and in thick, thick, ribbed glass. On the other hand, the cylinder and umbrella lamps provide targeted light without annoying glare. The selection has numerous great living room lights in industrial design for every requirement and every taste.