Finepianta: Geometric elegance meets functional modularity

by @industrialkonzept Team

Finepianta is a Milan-based studio founded by Carla Sibiceanu and specializing in interior design. With a background in fashion and jewelry making, Carla developed a strong relationship with materials and learned about their properties and reactions.

Finepianta's design philosophy revolves around creating geometric spaces and monolithic objects, where each piece has its own individuality outside of its surroundings. Each piece should have its own story and have its own effect on the viewer.

During lockdown, Carla began developing modular pieces out of a desire not to be visually limited by their functions. This allows the viewer to imagine and discover what this piece could be and what purpose it could have.


Finepianta "01"

The work "01" is a modular stainless steel monolith that merges with its surroundings as soon as it is in space. The benches and table only become functional when you want them to be, giving you the freedom to choose your own atmosphere. Measuring 80x80x80 cm and made of stainless steel, this piece is already a timeless masterpiece of interior design from 2023.

Finepianta Design

Finepianta Design

Finepianta Design


Finepianta "02"

The stainless steel mirrored "02" chair is a fusion of geometries and light. The top of the pyramid, which supports the base, can be seen as a reflection of the creator's "thought" - hence the use of the material. Depending on the viewing perspective, the piece changes its appearance. When viewed head-on, a facade is revealed that hides the pyramid-like structure. Measuring 80x40x40 cm and also made of stainless steel, this piece showcases the artistic versatility and craftsmanship of Finepianta in 2023.



With its works, Finepianta creates a unique connection between design, functionality and visual aesthetics. The geometric shapes and careful use of stainless steel give the pieces a timeless elegance, while the modular nature allows users to develop their own creative visions and customize functionality according to their needs. Finepianta is undoubtedly a studio that pushes the boundaries of interior design and invites us to rediscover the world of shapes and materials.


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