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Skateboards as a Tribute to Charles and Ray Eames: Globe's Latest Collection

by @industrialkonzept Team

In a remarkable fusion of design history and modern skate culture, Globe presents a skateboard series that serves as a tribute to the iconic Eames Office Lounge Chairs and Ottoman by Charles and Ray Eames. The craftsmanship and materials - walnut, black oak, ash, and maple - reflect the original furniture pieces. Every detail of the skateboards, from the color transitions to the materials, honors the legacy and design principles of the Eames.

Eames skateboards

Globe's lounge collection transforms Charles and Ray Eames lounge chairs into skateboards

The collection includes three limited editions: a 30-inch cruiser made of white ash wood, a 32-inch cruiser made of walnut wood, and a 38-inch longboard crafted from black oak. These skateboards are not just means of transportation, but also a tribute to the Eames' spirit of innovation and their iconic furniture design of the 20th century. The Eames Office Lounge Collection Skateboards by Globe could almost be perceived as part of the famous Lounge Chairs themselves, so accurate is their replication.

Eames skateboard

Eames Lounge 38-inch longboard

Eames skateboard

Eames Lounge 32-inch cruiser

Eames skateboard

Eames Lounge 30-inch cruiser

The fusion of two worlds

The collaboration between Globe and the Eames Office aims to unify furniture design and skateboarding. The meticulous production of the skateboards is evident in details such as the dip-dye and laser-etch finishes on the wood veneer, perfectly mimicking the Lounge Chairs and the Ottoman. Subtle touches, like embedded metal badges and logo screws, highlight the collaboration. On the underside of the skateboards, the laser-engraved logo of the Eames Office can be found.

La Chaise" box set

Limited La Chaise box set

In addition to the three skateboards, Globe is also releasing a limited box set that pays homage to the development of the "La Chaise" for the MoMA's 1948 Low-Cost Furniture Competition. It contains five decks that, when mounted on the wall, form an abstract image of the "La Chaise." This unique set is limited to 100 pieces worldwide and is primarily available at the MoMA Design Store.

Eames skateboard

About the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman

The Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman, recognized as design marvels of the 20th century, represent a revolutionary approach in furniture design. Characterized by their curved shapes and the use of molded wood, this pair transformed the perception of living room aesthetics. The innovative techniques used in their production, such as the skillful application of multi-layered, molded plywood combined with fine veneers, created a visual and functional harmony. They reinterpreted the traditional English club chair and are distinguished by their reversible and removable cushions. These timeless pieces are not merely furniture, but also symbolize the enduring quality and design that last through generations.

Eames skateboard

A Fresh Perspective on a Classic Design

With this second series of Eames-inspired skateboards, Globe brings the renowned furniture design back into the present, appealing to both today's generation and skateboard enthusiasts. Each skateboard comes in a sturdy canvas bag that can be converted into a carry bag. While the Eames Lounge 32-inch Cruiser is already sold out, the other models, including the Eames La Chaise Box Set, are still available.



Photos: Courtesy Globe Brand / Eames Office x Globe



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