Harry Nuriev's art of functionality: The denim furniture collection

by J. Parker

With his denim exhibition, Harry Nuriev presents a unique concept that forms a symbiosis of art, design and fashion. As an artist, architect and interior designer, he has made it his mission in this exhibition to take denim to a new dimension and give everyday objects a new function and meaning.

The exhibition at the renowned Carpenters Workshop Gallery in Paris is a collection of modular furniture pieces, all upholstered in denim. The collection contains different types of seating, tables, shelves and other items that represent a unique combination of fashion and design.

Harry Nuriev denim furniture

Nuriev emphasizes that fashion is a medium of expression and that furniture can be an extension of our wardrobe, style and identity. "Fashion is everywhere, it surrounds us. It's a medium that persists over time, so let's incorporate it into the design," says the artist.

The denim furniture collection is not only a work of art, but also functional and flexible. The modular nature of the pieces allows them to be used in different types of spaces. A sofa can be quickly transformed into an armchair or a stool. "Each element is its own entity that together form a piece," explains Nuriev.

Harry Nuriev Denim Sofa Pool
Harry Nuriev Denim Sofa Pool

The "Sofa Pool" collection, consisting of a table and a sofa, is another highlight of the exhibition. The set makes it possible to eat and rest comfortably without disturbing the flow of conversation. In addition, there are other pieces such as the "DJ Booth", which brings people together and can function not only in a party context, but also as a meeting space.

Harry Nuriev's installation is a visual and aesthetic experience that invites visitors to contemplate and discover everyday objects from a new perspective. The exhibition is open from March 4th to May 13th 2023 and offers a unique opportunity to experience the connection between art, design and fashion.

First impressions of the exhibition by Harry Nuriev

Harry Nuriev exhibit
Harry Nuriev exhibit
Harry Nuriev exhibit
Harry Nuriev exhibit
Harry Nuriev exhibit
Harry Nuriev exhibit

About Harry Nuriev

Harry Nuriev is an artist, architect and interior designer who was born in 1984. Based in both New York and Paris, he is the founder and creative director of Crosby Studios, an interior architecture and design studio he launched in 2014. With his creative practice spanning immersive environments, virtual installations, public spaces, and object design, he has coined the term "transformism," which describes the prioritization of transformation and transformative experiences happening around him, his world, and to describe his style. He draws inspiration from the unexpected beauty of everyday objects we interact with and uses it in his work to make extraordinary statements about contemporary society. His style fuses art, design, architecture and fashion, breaking the traditional boundaries of these four creative fields to challenge broader ideas about how we live and work. He takes people out of their comfort zone and draws their attention to things that he feels are important. He enjoys experimenting with the design of innovative retail spaces and Web3 in the digital realm.

Harry Nuriev

Visit exhibition

March 4 - May 13, 2023

Exhibition opening: Saturday 4 Mar | 11am - 6pm

54 rue De La Verrerie 75004


Images courtesy of Carpenters Workshop Gallery

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