HUMAN MADE and ayur-chair unite for a third collaboration

by @industrialkonzept Team

In a current collaboration, the fashion company HUMAN MADE and the ergonomic chair manufacturer ayur-chair have teamed up again to present a third joint creation. This time, the chair, known for its posture-correcting properties and widely used by NIGO, gets a new design in red.

HUMAN MADE x Ayur Chair

HUMAN MADE x Ayur Chair

HUMAN MADE x Ayur Chair

Ergonomics meets stylish design

ayur-chair made a name for itself by developing one of the world's first posture-correcting chairs. The focus is on the concept of sitting on the ischial bones to relieve tension in the lower back while improving the posture and concentration of the seated person.

The latest product from this collaboration follows the proven construction principle of the previous HUMAN MADE chairs, but is presented in the fashion label's characteristic burgundy red color. White lettering creates a striking contrast. Other design elements include the embossed "HUMAN MADE" logo on the lower part of the chair as well as the label's slogan "Gears for futuristic teenagers" in small white font.

HUMAN MADE x Ayur Chair

Availability and pricing

Priced at $295, the chair will be available starting December 9th through the official ayur-chair and HUMAN MADE websites.

HUMAN MADE x Ayur Chair

Photos: © HUMAN MADE

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