AMO's Innovative Set Design for Prada's Autumn/Winter 2024 Menswear Show in Milan

by @industrialkonzept Team

Milan, Italy - Prada presented a remarkable fashion show in Milan with its menswear collection for Autumn/Winter 2024, characterized by the set design of AMO, the research and design studio of OMA. The concept represents a labyrinth-like office environment unfolding over a glass Zen garden, which is laid out beneath the runway platform.

Prada FW24 Runway
Before stepping onto the runway, models and visitors are greeted by a life-like office area - Images: Prada

The set design starts with a realistic depiction of a corporate environment, consisting of blue office cells, dirty-white desks, and individual computer screens. This backdrop is reminiscent of the everyday life of office employees in a windowless and almost sterile ambiance.

Prada FW24 Runway

Prada FW24 Runway
The set explores the "fundamental truths of humanity, our natural instincts, our emotional needs"

Once the models leave this seemingly lifeless space, they enter the scenery designed by AMO, still representing an office interior, but enlivened by the garden below and the glass platform. The labyrinth-like office environment is equipped with padded armless office chairs for the audience to sit on, while a mist-like effect drifts through the air. This gives Prada's FW24 show a human touch and brings color to the often monotonous representation of an office environment.

Prada FW24 Runway
AMO's stage design for Prada's menswear show for the Autumn/Winter 2024 collection in Milan

Prada FW24 Runway
AMO arranges the office chairs in a spiral configuration

The theme of Prada's FW24 Show revolves around the paradoxical dichotomy between an office interior and a natural landscape. This vision is materialized through AMO's implementation, integrating everyday furniture and elements. Even the walls of the show are clad in blue panels typical for a corporate environment. Prada sees in AMO's set design for the FW24 Show in Milan an exploration of the "fundamental truths of humanity, our natural instincts, our emotional needs."

Prada FW24 Runway
AMO's stage design for Prada's menswear fashion show for the Autumn/Winter 2024 collection in Milan

AMO and Prada depict an environment where the seasons with their weather, not an artificial reality, penetrate the space. "There's a sense of being outdoors, the immediacy of nature, and a direct expression of the desire to go outside, to experience the world. It's a simple assertion of a deep and essential human need to connect with the world around us. The seasonal rhythms of nature, the natural order, dictate gestures within the garments," explains Prada.

Prada FW24 Runway
An artificially created garden beneath the runway platform

Prada FW24 Runway
The Zen-like garden contrasts the office interior of the show

From the clothing to the set design by AMO, the FW24 Show in Milan - although not brightly lit to evoke the office environment - calls for an integration of greenery in a sterile-looking atmosphere. Prada and AMO manage to bridge the gap between the artificial space of daily office life and the natural, calming element of the garden, creating a unique and thoughtful fashion show that highlights both the art of fashion and the importance of environment and nature.


Photos and Video courtesy of Prada


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