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The RECAP 2023: Our Top Community Picks

by @industrialkonzept Team

The year 2023 was filled with exciting projects in the world of architecture and design. Special thanks go to our dedicated community. The following is a look at a selection of works and contributions from the design sector that were particularly appreciated by the community this year - regardless of the year the designs were released. Here are our Top Community Picks.

Beds by Ethan Stebbins

Ethan Stebbins, a master of his craft, is distinguished by his emphasis on the personality of the raw material. He uses traditional stonemasonry techniques and Japanese wood joinery, handcrafting the stone and leaving its natural surface unchanged. His work is characterized by an elegant simplicity that puts the untreated material at the forefront. His work has been greatly appreciated by our community and has reached and inspired millions of people this year.



An Article on Rick Owens and Michele Lamy

Rick Owens and Michele Lamy, icons in fashion and design, are known for their boundary-crossing creativity. In furniture design, they have made waves with their unique approach and the use of natural materials such as stone, wood, and leather. Their furniture designs are characterized by a fusion of art and functionality, challenging conventional furniture designs.



Milan Design Week and Spazio Maiocchi

The Milan Design Week 2023 was a major highlight that we all fondly remember. Our visit to Spazio Maiocchi was a particular highlight, marked by exclusive designers and extraordinary objects. Featured there were Daniel Arsham with Snarkitecture, New Tendency, Devon Turnbull / OJAS, the Berlin design collective "Sucuk und Bratwurst," and many more.



The Möbius House in Het Gooi, Netherlands

In the field of architecture, our feature on the Möbius House in Het Gooi, Netherlands, stood out. An outstanding building that reinterprets the private lifestyle of a family by connecting geometries in a Möbius loop.



Furniture Pieces by Jakub Kubica

This year, Jakub Kubica once again impressed with his objects that unite art and design. His works reflect a profound environmental awareness and the fragility of our natural surroundings.



Country House Am Rupenhorn, Berlin

The Country House Am Rupenhorn in Berlin, restored to its original 1930s state, reflects the architectural principles of Mies Van Der Rohe.



Le Corbusier's 'Borne Béton' Concrete Lamp, 1952

Le Corbusier's concrete lamp, originally designed for lighting the pathways of the Unité d'habitation de Marseille, has inspired artists like Kanye West and is a milestone in modernist architecture. Although there are several years between 1952 and 2023, this year his design was a viral hit on Instagram and other social media platforms.



Designs by Frederik Fialin

Frederik Fialin, a Berlin/Copenhagen-based designer, also impressed in one of our features with a series of exciting designs that were celebrated by many people.



Blue Series by Solem Ceramics, 2023

The striking blue vases of the Blue Series by Solem Ceramics were literally and figuratively a highlight of this year.



Pressure Floor Vases by Tim Teven Studio

Tim Teven Studio's Pressure Floor Vases also stood out as favorites of the year, even though they originated in 2017.



"Compact Studio Kitchen" by Ertlundzull and Argument GmbH

A minimalist, clear, and clean industrial kitchen, just as design enthusiasts desire.



Stainless Steel Record Unit by Leon McKay

This year, Leon McKay stood out with several projects, including the Stainless Steel Record Unit, which caused a stir on social media.



Collaboration between Devon Ojas and USM Haller

The collaboration between sound system designer Devon Turnbull / OJAS and the renowned Swiss furniture manufacturer USM Haller created an oasis for music lovers in Soho, New York, which successfully opened its doors on September 18, 2023.



Miuccia Prada's Office in Milan, Italy

The impressive former office of Miuccia Prada in Milan was undoubtedly one of the highlights on social media this year. The reason this time may not necessarily be the aesthetics or the furnishings, but rather the built-in slide leading outside, leaving room for interpretation.



"The Uncomfortable" - A Series of Uncomfortable Everyday Objects by Katerina Kamprani

Objects that "trigger". Katerina Kamprani's series of unusual objects stirred the imagination and became a viral phenomenon, while being both loved and hated.



Transparent Turntable: A New Addition in Audio Technology

The Swedish company Transparent Sound is expanding its portfolio with a new product. Following the great success of the "Transparent Speaker" in the design world, the brand now introduces the "Transparent Turntable". This aesthetic counterpart to the speaker is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the year. It represents a fascinating symbiosis of technology and design, making it a must-have for audio enthusiasts. Available in our online store.



Dieter Rams: A Journey Through Minimalist Design

Dieter Rams, an icon of design, is experiencing a renaissance. Known for his minimalist design philosophy "Less, but better," Rams has significantly shaped the world of design with his products for Braun and Vitsoe. His "10 Principles of Good Design" remain a source of inspiration for designers worldwide, including Jony Ive from Apple. Rams' influence is evident in his ability to combine functionality and sustainability in timeless design.



Madonna del Monte Tables by Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance

The Madonna del Monte tables by Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance, inspired by the work of photographer Lucie Jean, combine natural elements with artistic craftsmanship. The dynamic interaction between water, sky, and decay provides a powerful basis for this unique design series, capturing the essence of Venice's abandoned island of Madonna del Monte.



Togo Sofa in Chrome

The Togo Sofa, designed by Michel Ducaroy, is a timeless piece of design. This year, the rare chrome version caused a stir on social media. Rightly so.





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