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The Winners of the ART DESIGN AWARD 2023

by @industrialkonzept Team

As the year 2023 draws to a close, we take a moment to reflect on a year filled with significant developments, especially our inaugural award introduced in 2023. Our strategic initiative to introduce an exclusive award was a highlight, celebrating the remarkable talents of brands, artists, and designers within our global community. This initiative, enthusiastically received, led to the nomination of several esteemed projects for this award. In collaboration with an independent jury, we carefully selected the winners of the 2023 awards from these nominees. This editorial highlights the chosen winners. In the subjective fields of art and design, we avoid ranking systems and choose instead to honor a diverse palette of winners who stand out in their respective fields through innovative and captivating projects.


Nocs Design

Nocs Design creates audio products that combine simple, minimalist design with outstanding quality and durability. Daniel Alm, founder of Nocs Design and designer of the Monolith & Mini Speakers, emphasizes: "Our inspiration behind the Nocs speakers is a commitment to timeless excellence. We believe that if a design is not timeless, it does not resonate with our vision."

The Monolith Speaker by Nocs Design

With a deep dedication to music, Daniel Alm has spent years in the music industry, impressed by and collaborating with some of the most talented musical minds. Through these experiences, Daniel Alm has developed a renowned expertise in creating high-quality headphones and speakers that meet the demanding needs of professional DJs and serious audio enthusiasts. "My professional career is firmly rooted in the audio and design world," explains Daniel Alm. "Since 2009, I have continuously expanded my skills and knowledge to bring a unique perspective to the development of audio products."

The Monolith Speaker by Nocs Design is a flagship example of the design studio. It embodies the signature sound of Nocs Studios, available both in individual units and in synchronized arrays. Made in Sweden with exceptional attention to detail, each speaker is a unique masterpiece, made from locally sourced birch plywood and finished in a matte black. This collaboration with Scan-Speak, a renowned Danish audio company, ensures a superior sound experience that combines brutalist aesthetics with modern sound technology. "Our pursuit involves blending the enduring qualities of timelessness with a touch of brutalism - a design philosophy that embraces raw, unfiltered aesthetics," explains Daniel Alm.

With the shift of production from China to Sweden, Nocs Design pursues sustainable practices and embraces the principles of a circular economy. The modular design of the Monolith promotes easy upgrades and repairs. This approach not only extends the lifespan of the speaker but also minimizes electronic waste, demonstrating Nocs Design's commitment to environmental responsibility and audio innovation.


Undress House

With a foundation in fashion and a natural flair for aesthetics, Jaeho Lee, the founder of Undress House, has ventured into the world of home design by creating items that transform spaces with timeless elegance.

Lee's fascination with silver, steel accessories, and various Objets d'Art has steadily evolved. He saw home accessories as extensions of personal style, laying the groundwork for Undress House. This venture defies simple categorization and serves as a canvas for Lee's unrestrained creativity, where aesthetics meet functionality, and objects are transformed into art.

"One Silver Legged Stool" by Undress House

At Undress House, Lee's extensive experience and fine sensibility manifest in the innovative design of home accessories. Driven by the vision to rethink vintage objects and intertwine a variety of materials, Lee creates unique pieces that challenge conventional norms. Each work reflects his commitment to subtle beauty and practical functionality. Undress House stands out for its innovative spirit, aesthetic brilliance, and an evolutionary journey from fashion to home accessories, impressively demonstrating that true passion knows no bounds.





Analogue, based in Amsterdam, is a design label for office and home furniture as well as lighting. Their products create a conscious and sustainable balance in daily work and life. Objects that express function and use through form and material. Intuitive to use, but open to interpretations and adaptable in various environments.

The "Drafting Table" from Analogue, a central piece of the "A Simple Machine" collection, is characterized by its raw textures and brutalist aesthetics. With its straightforward mechanics, it is attractive not only for architects and artists traditionally working on paper, but also appeals to a broader audience. This low-tech table promotes reflection on independence in a world increasingly dominated by smart products. Designed without the need for external power, the Drafting Table emphasizes accessibility, easy repairability, and long-lasting durability.

Precisely crafted from stainless steel and aluminum, the Drafting Table shows a raw technical appearance with meticulously designed details. Its artisanal interaction allows for a user-friendliness unmatched by externally powered adjustable tables. It functions both as a robust work object and a precise instrument. The almost vertical tilt of the table also makes it ideal for presentations and exhibitions. Developed and produced in the Netherlands, Analogue's mission is to create circular economy furniture that promotes healthy working habits, focusing on functionality, durability, and sustainability.


Founded by Alberto and Alan Esses, former experts from the Tesla Design Studio and FormLabs, Essesi represents a fusion of creative passion and design innovation. The Esses brothers, driven by a deep appreciation for design, have established a brand that transcends conventional boundaries.

"Raya Lounge Chair": An indoor lounge chair, milled from solid walnut wood and upholstered with genuine leather

"Vida": A water pitcher milled from solid aluminum, inspired by the ritual of drawing water from a river

What may appear at first glance as an unproducible rendering is in fact reality, realized through the use of advanced and complex manufacturing technologies. Known for its philosophy of limited production, Essesi gives each collection an extraordinary exclusivity. This approach not only underscores the value of their products but also weaves a personal story into each piece. Essesi's commitment to creating objects that enrich life and spark conversation is evident in their continuously evolving collection.

"Sticks & Stones": A Molcajete, inspired by the fusion of ancient and modern techniques and materials. A Molcajete (pestle and mortar) is an iconic object in Mexican culture and from Esses' childhood.

The Esses brothers skillfully weave their Mexican heritage into their brand, manufacturing their products in Mexico in collaboration with experienced craftsmen. This combination of local craftsmanship and modern technology results in designs that are both culturally profound and of high quality. But beyond their artistic ambitions, Essesi also engages with society: they support Mexican non-profit organizations dedicated to promoting creativity and education, thus demonstrating their commitment to social responsibility. With their headquarters in Los Angeles and a global online shop, they allow design lovers around the globe to enjoy Essesi's unique combination of design, cultural heritage, and social consciousness.

"Exclamation": A writing and sketching pen made of anodized aluminum


Ciro Timmers

Ciro Timmers®, an innovative creative studio led by Ciro Timmers and artistically directed by Anna Ustian, stands out for its unique combination of digital artistry with minimalist, brutalist aesthetics, and subtle science fiction elements.

Ciro Timmers® extends its influence beyond digital art, transforming selected designs into tangible, exclusive objects. Focusing on longevity, this transition from digital to physical is characterized by long-term sustainability and an ethic against mass production and short-term consumption.

A highlight is the depicted Saga Lounge Chair, combining a polished stainless steel tubular frame with Italian chrome-free leather cushions. Its innovative frame, designed without screws, offers subtle suspension. This fusion of sleek design and comfort, inspired by 1970s aesthetics, ensures appeal in both modern and traditional settings.



Christian+Jade, a studio founded by Christian Hammer Juhl from Denmark and Jade Chan from Singapore, symbolizes a remarkable design partnership that originated at the prestigious Design Academy Eindhoven and came to full fruition in Copenhagen. The duo focuses on design as a form of artistic expression, with a special emphasis on excellent craftsmanship and exploring various materials.

Their mission is to create designs that provoke thought and deepen the connection to objects and spaces. By contextualizing their designs in historical and cultural narratives, they create raw, honest pieces.

The "PROUD TO BE HUMBLE" mirror collection impresses with its reflective surfaces, made from carefully hammered and polished aluminum sheets, creating a lively play of reflections.

The "REFLECTING FLAME" collection, artfully designed as candle holders, captures the flickering of flames, with each piece also made from handcrafted aluminum and available in a limited edition.


All images courtesy of the mentioned brands.



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