Industrial Dining Room

Would you like to set up an industrial style dining room? Discover the wide variety of our industrial dining room furnishings now and get inspired.




The fascination of industrial style in the dining room

The dining room, a central gathering place, provides an ideal stage to celebrate the raw, unadulterated charm of industrial design. This style, inspired by early 20th century factory and warehouse aesthetics, combines functionality with a powerful visual language.

Characteristic materials and textures in the industrial dining room

At the heart of industrial design are materials such as exposed brickwork, concrete, metal and wood. These elements reflect the robust elegance of the style. For example, an industrial-style dining room might feature a brick accent wall, a concrete floor, or metal accents in the form of lamps and chairs.

Furniture design and arrangement

When choosing furniture, pieces that tell a story or are reminiscent of the industrial past are particularly effective. A large, sturdy wooden table, accompanied by chairs by Marcel Breuer or Arne Jacobsen, for example, can form the center of the room. The combination of old and new creates an exciting visual experience.

Lighting as a design element in industrial dining rooms

Lighting plays a key role in industrial design. Large, simple pendant lights or lamps in the style of Jean Prouvé can be placed above the dining table to not only provide light but also act as striking design elements.

Accessories and decoration in the industrial dining room

To complete the industrial theme, accessories such as old factory clocks, metal shelves or industrial-themed artwork can be added. Plants in rough concrete pots or metal containers can break up the look and create a connection to nature.

Sustainability and upcycling

Similar to office design, the focus can also be on sustainability and upcycling in the dining room. Reusing old industrial furniture or materials is not only environmentally conscious, but also fits seamlessly into the overall concept.

An industrial-style dining room is more than just a dining area. It is a statement that celebrates the beauty of imperfection and builds a bridge between the industrial past and modern home decor. This style invites you to come together and enjoy in an atmosphere of robustness and history.