Floor lamps

Discover floor lamps from designer brands that are ideal for integrating into brutalist lofts or industrial style home interiors.



Industrial floor lamps at Industrialkonzept

A floor lamp is a must for a cozy sitting and reading corner. It upgrades seating, divides the room and creates targeted brightness for reading, but also for other activities. Especially in the large, undivided lofts in industrial style, it can set accents and create spaces. Industrial floor lamps are high quality and stylish at the same time and adapt to a wide variety of environments.

Industrial style floor lamps – functional and straightforward

The industrial style focuses on functionality and straightforwardness. This is where the materials are allowed to unfold their full effect. Unevenness and signs of use are not only accepted, but staged.

Industrial-style apartments tend to have large, undivided spaces. High ceilings, exposed wall and floor materials as well as cables and fittings are other stylistic devices. Industrial furniture and lamps play a special role here. They fit in, take on the role of room dividers and set special accents.

Metal and wood are popular materials for industrial style furniture elements. Cables and technology may well be exposed. Functionality may become visible. Predominant colors are gray and brown as well as metal tones.

Industrial floor lamps are not only functional - they also like to show it off. Cables are made visible, clear lines set accents. Metal plays the leading role, but other materials also have their place.

Industrial style floor lamps - functional and versatile

Industrial style floor lamps want to make an appearance, but in doing so they adapt to various other pieces of furniture. They can be combined with other furniture in industrial design just as well as with the classic sofa or even a beanbag. Industrial style floor lamps stand just as stylishly on raw screed as on ship's parquet or industrial-style carpets .

In combination with upholstered or leather furniture, the functional lamps in industrial design form a pleasant contrast. Together with seating furniture, shelves and accessories in the industrial style, they form a uniform ensemble that impresses with its pleasant straight lines.

Industrial floor lamps - just as at home in the loft as in the office

Industrial style floor lamps love large lofts with large, undivided surfaces. Here they can define a reading area just by their existence. A place near the wall lets them shine through their cone of light and at the same time assigns them a decorative role. Floor lamps in industrial style have their big appearance in the large room. Here they can act as room dividers at the same time. Together with a table and a seat or just a seat alone, Industrial floor lamps form an island of harmony in the sparsely and functionally furnished loft.

In the open-plan office or in the brutalistically furnished office area, they are an eye-catcher that sets accents. Here, their balanced design becomes the stylistic focal point.

In the more classically furnished living room , office or dining room , Industrial floor lamps form a pleasant contrast to textile materials and soft lines. They offer the eye a resting point with their linear structure, the reduced lines and the high-quality design.

Floor lamps in industrial style - sustainable and high quality

The industrial style is sustainable from its origin. He uses existing resources, practices re-use to perfection by skilfully staging used materials and stands for high-quality goods that are more sustainable because they last longer. The reduced design also saves raw materials and energy.

Our industrial style floor lamps all come from the workshops of renowned designers and it shows. Here, high-quality design is combined with workmanship. Quality and purification promise a long service life combined with functionality and relaxation for the eyes.