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Attractive industrial style wardrobes

Industrial design is becoming more and more important. There are numerous reasons for this. One of the most important reasons for the great popularity is the simple and therefore timeless design. Furnishings in industrial style radiate a durability that many people are looking for these days. A cloakroom in industrial design is therefore something very special.

Wardrobes are important pieces of furniture

A wardrobe should primarily offer a high utility value. Garments are hung on it. Since in most cases it is placed right next to the entrance in the hallway or another entrance area of ​​the apartment, it should not only be functional, but also visually appealing. It is precisely these requirements that the wardrobes in industrial style meet. The cloakrooms are usually the first piece of furniture that visitors notice. The old adage that first impressions count also applies to home furnishing.

Typical materials for wardrobes in industrial design

Basically, this style of furniture is adapted to the earlier facilities of factory buildings. This is why industrial-style furniture is still mostly made of metal. In most cases it is chromed or painted steel. This material is robust and has a high level of stability. Therefore, such pieces of furniture achieve a long service life.

The processing of the parts is also striking. For example, cloakrooms made of pipes are not simply welded. The connections are often designed in bends or T-pieces, as they are more familiar from the processing of water or heating pipes. It is precisely this that exerts a special attraction on the viewer.

Wood also plays an important role in the industrial style. That is why not only wardrobes, but also numerous other pieces of furniture in industrial design are made from combinations of wood and metal parts.

Special features of the industrial style wardrobes

The origin of this special furnishing style dates back to the 1960s. At that time, empty industrial halls were often converted due to a shortage of apartments. Initially, they served artists as studios or other spaces for creative work. They later used them as living quarters. The old facilities were already being used back then. Therefore, even today, the furniture in the distinctive style radiates a certain freedom and independence.

Nowadays, cloakrooms that have been in industrial halls for decades are no longer used. They are recreated, but still have the same charm. This furnishing style combines a special aesthetic with a high utility value. That's what makes him so interesting.

Another important aspect is that the industrial-style wardrobes only take up very little space. You could even say that they look minimalistic. Nevertheless, they offer numerous items of clothing a sufficiently large space. There is hardly any other furnishing style in which wardrobes with a comparable space requirement can hold so many items of clothing.

Wardrobes in industrial design fit into almost every apartment

The industrial style is often associated with large rooms and high ceilings. But that need not be. Of course, wardrobes in industrial style also fit into small apartments and even in a narrow hallway. Since they don't take up much space themselves, they make the room appear even larger than it actually is. Due to their design, the industrial-style wardrobes do not affect the prevailing lighting conditions.

In addition, it is not important in which style the other rooms in the apartment are furnished. A cloakroom in industrial design fits in any case.
- high material and manufacturing quality
- exclusive, creative and individual industrial design
- versatile
- ideal for living areas, lofts, foyers, offices and waiting areas
- Can be combined in many ways with other furniture, furnishings and accessories