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In the industrial concept store, you can explore a wide range of distinctive shelves by renowned designers and brands. The shelves we offer are distinguished by their excellent quality, attractive design, and unique form. Our focus is on a minimalist, purist design enriched with contrasting elements to ensure both appealing aesthetics and high functionality. These shelves can be combined with various interior styles, including industrial style and other contemporary design trends. Whether you're looking for an industrial shelf, a wall shelf, or a freestanding bookshelf, our thoughtfully curated selection provides unparalleled options that add an individual and stylish touch to any space.




Industrial style shelves – storage space with style

Whether standing shelf or wall shelf - shelves are an integral part of every room in the home. And with good reason: They offer storage space and thus contribute to a cultivated living ambience. If you are looking for shelves that are stylish and want to set nice accents in your home, you are right with shelves in industrial style. With an open design, high-quality, charming and last but not least practical, industrial-style shelves enrich every room in your home and at the same time set stylish accents. And the great thing about it is that you don't even have to live in a disused factory building or in a loft. They are also suitable for one-room apartments and city apartments, as well as for terraced and single-family houses.

Shelves in industrial style for the living room - style meets functionality

You need a place to store your books and co.? However, this should be anything but run-of-the-mill? Then bookshelves in industrial design are ideal. Airy in design and made of chrome-plated steel, they not only accommodate your books and files in a stylish way. They are also charming eye-catchers.

In addition to bookshelves, standing shelves in industrial design are also suitable for the living room. They offer space for your decoration ideas , indoor plants and Co. If space allows, place several shelves next to each other. You can also combine models in different sizes. With the latter variant, make sure that the shelves have the same design. A little tip: If you want to store certain utensils out of sight and dust, store them in decorative boxes or baskets and place them on your industrial-style shelves.

Since shelves in the industrial style are mostly open in design, they are ideal room dividers. You can design and structure your home according to your wishes. For example, if you want to separate your living area from the dining area or sleeping area, select one or more free-standing shelves. Thanks to the open and airy design, the room does not appear cluttered and congested. At the same time, the room divider shelf offers you practical storage space and decorative space for your home accessories.

Industrial-style shelves for the hallway - for a neat entrance area

Shoes, jackets and bags - so that there is no chaos in the hallway, a shoe rack makes sense in addition to an industrial wardrobe . With a model in industrial design, you kill two birds with one stone: On the one hand, the shoe rack accommodates all your shoes and, on the other hand, you ensure a tasteful entrance area that welcomes you and your visitors in a stylish way.

Industrial design in the bedroom

Industrial style shelves are also ideal for the bedroom. If there is no space for a standing shelf, use the free space on the walls and attach wall shelves in an industrial style . This gives you decorative storage space for everything you need in the bedroom. The same applies here: Use boxes or baskets for “invisible” storage.

Industrial style wine rack

Are you a wine lover and want to store your fine wines elegantly and stylishly? Then let a wine rack in industrial design move in with you. Thanks to the attractive design, you don't have to hide it in the basement. It can be seen and admired.

Conclusion: The great thing about shelves in the industrial style is that they are really talented in combinations and also harmonize with other furnishing styles. You can have a shelf with an industrial design in your home even if the rest of your furniture and home accessories are in a different style. At the same time, you create decorative eye-catchers with your shelf in industrial design and ensure a wow effect.

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