Discover mirrors from designer brands that are ideal for integrating into brutalist lofts or industrial style home interiors.



Industrial mirrors: The best way to display home decor

The power of industrial style mirrors lies in their ability to completely transform spaces. You can emphasize the smallest details or emphasize entire wall surfaces.

In industrial design, mirrors are particularly popular to present home décor.

Why should you buy an industrial style mirror?

Industrial design is one of the trendiest furnishing styles of recent years. Originally from the homes of artists and creative people in big cities like New York or Berlin, it has since spread worldwide. The special thing about the industrial style is its unconventional aesthetics, which focuses on functionality and simplicity - minimalism.

Industrial mirrors tend to be large, made of metal and glass, and have a cool, functional look. They are the perfect complement to any modern interior and can make a statement or remain discreetly in the background.

If you also want to implement the brutalist industrial look in your home, then you should pay particular attention to functionality and design when choosing your mirror.

The power of mirrors in industrial design

When designing interiors is about sober and clean lines, industrial design is a popular choice. This style is often associated with functional design. An essential element of the industrial interior is the use of mirrors. Mirrors add visual depth and visually enlarge the space. But they can also be used as a decorative element to set accents or to highlight a specific area.

What can the power of mirrors in industrial design achieve for you:

- A large mirror creates depth and width in the room
- Industrial style mirrors can set accents and stylishly complement a room
- Metal frames on mirrors can reflect the light, making rooms lively
- Large wall mirrors can help make smaller spaces appear larger
- Hanging or wall mounted mirrors are a functional addition to any industrial interior.

Mirror as the center of the room - tips and tricks

As we already know, mirrors are a great way to add size and depth to your space. But they are also known for breaking up space visually. Hang one up and instantly get a whole new perspective. Not just from one angle, but from every corner of the room.

In addition, there is no need to use several different shades in one room. Just let the light and your mirrors do the work for you!

Do you see bright green grass and a crystal blue sky outside your window in summer? Those hints of blue and green will bounce off and blend beautifully into your living space with a mirror.

Got a log fire on on a snowy winter night? A mirror will make your room shine even warmer in cozy orange.

If you ask us: just like an artist needs his color palette for his perfect piece, a designer always needs a mirror for his perfect home.

Conclusion - Industrial mirrors are the perfect complement to industrial design

Industrial style mirrors are the perfect addition to stylish home décor. The clean lines and shapes of our mirrors reflect the power and energy of their design and give your rooms a distinctive atmosphere. Industrial design mirrors are functional and stylish at the same time and offer the perfect opportunity to individually stage your home decor.