Discover showcases from designer brands that are ideal for integrating into brutalist lofts or industrial style home interiors.



Showcases industrial style for an attractive presentation

Industrial-style showcases are not only characterized by rawness and elegance. They offer glass surfaces behind which you can present and display your favorite decorations , souvenirs or collections. There are different types of showcases with different advantages. You can find out what these are and which model best suits your needs in the following sections.

Showcases in industrial design with flexible division

Showcases are available in many variants. There are standing showcases, hanging showcases and corner showcases. In short, there is a suitable glass chest of drawers for every living room. They differ not only in their size, but also in the glass content. In general, showcases allow a glimpse of their interior. You can store decorative or useful things behind elegant glass fronts or glass doors.

How much glass a showcase contains and whether you can see it from all sides or just one side depends on the glass content. There are completely glass models in industrial design. Here, metal struts or metal tubes are combined with glass side panels and shelves. They provide an all-round view and are ideal for collectibles and high-quality home accessories.

Partially glazed variants in industrial design are a mixture of a closed chest of drawers and a glass showroom. They have hidden drawers or doors made of wood or metal. So you can set things in scene or stow them away discreetly. Another variant are showcases in the industrial style, which are glazed on three sides and have an opaque rear wall. They also set a colorful accent in front of inconspicuous walls and serve as a canvas for your exhibits.

Various sizes and shapes

From the standing to the hanging showcase, there are versions in different widths, heights and depths. Here your need for storage space decides which model is the best choice. Standing showcases are available narrow or wide. Narrow models offer the advantage that they take up little space. If they are particularly high, you still get enough storage space for the things you want to present.

If you want to keep the floor clear, you can create an extraordinary eye-catcher with hanging showcases. Under the industrial-style showcases you still have space for cupboards, sideboards or seating. Corner showcases are a nice solution when you want to use the full potential of a dead corner. They are also suitable near the dining table. There they offer space for crockery and the like, so that you can save yourself the hassle of carrying the plates.

Industrial design cabinet showcases are models that offer just as much storage space as an average living room cabinet. They consist of closed compartments with doors, drawers or wide shelves. You can display your favorite pieces in them and at the same time neatly store everyday utensils. This way your visitors can only see the things you want to show.

materials and colors

Industrial-style showcases are not just made of glass. Side panels, rear panels or connecting elements are also made of wood, different metals or plastic. Even solid wood gets the raw character of the industrial design through the use of robust-looking metal parts or urban colors. The design itself can also shape the visual effect of the furniture.

If the industrial design showcase stands on feet, these are often made of metal. Dark steel, cast iron or other alloys with a dark powder coating not only give the chest of drawers a firm footing, but also a striking accent. Painted wooden parts in grey, anthracite or brown get their industrial design through an uneven color gradient. In combination with a lot of glass and metal frames in silver, gold or bronze, elegant industrial-style showcases are created.