Table lamps

Discover table lamps from designer brands that are ideal for integrating into brutalist lofts or industrial style home interiors.



Industrial table lamp - honest elegance in vintage industrial style

An industrial table lamp does without flourishes, patterns or bright colors. Rather, in this category you will find models that correspond to the origin of industrial design. Metal and glass, in between elements made of wood and, for a special spatial effect, acrylic or plastic complement the spatial effect of the converted commercial space.

This is what distinguishes home accessories in industrial design

Out of necessity, the first residents of empty factory halls and company buildings furnished themselves pragmatically. They wanted to live functionally and beautified their living area with what was left in the premises from business hours. Of course, the industrial style should also be elegant enough to present your own creativity to visitors in a sophisticated way. In the years of the economic miracle, artists set up spartan studios and arranged table lamps in industrial design, primarily for optimal illumination of their creative areas. This resulted in the Industrial table lamp with movable joints and a shade that brightly illuminates small table areas instead of large living areas. The luminous color of today's LED lamps is based on the originally warm white light of the light bulbs of the time.

Industrial table lamp for office and study

Industrial design in the office is of course justified because of the use of space. Technically, an industrial table lamp with a metal base, articulated joints and metal lampshade is ideal. Black powder coating, polished aluminum or intentionally patinated copper stage the retro trend in style. The industrial design of table lamps made entirely of transparent glass conveys visual lightness. The copper socket and an LED lamp in the shape of a light bulb, also placed transparently in the middle of the lamp design, create a visual reference to the furnishings. Model examples in the industrial style with designed corners and edges are well placed in the study. For example, the rod between the lampshade and the base may look as if someone had bent a workpiece. Or a glass lampshade looks more like old factory alarm lights.

Industrial style with table lamps in the bedroom

Sleeping in the workroom does not correspond to the modern notion of sleeping comfort. However, industrial-style table lamps on the bedside table emit a fine, warm white snooze light that can be dimmed depending on taste and lamp model. Only a small amount of space is required for an industrial table lamp in the bedroom. Models for this room are rather low, so they stand on a small foot and above them present finely rounded lampshades made of smoked glass, frosted glass or with the glass ribs typical of emergency lighting in industrial buildings. A successor to industrial design can be found in vintage 1970s-style table lamps. They represent the aesthetic transition from the industrial phase to spatial minimalism. Instead of metal, feet made of wood, natural stone or natural stone imitations are now used. Even in the children's room, such a small, practical and elegant industrial table lamp cuts a fine figure as a light source on the school desk and in the painting or handicraft corner.

Arrange industrial style cleverly to other facilities

Metal with a patinated look, smooth and shiny or powder-coated in color can also be found in shabby chic, puristic kitchen furnishings or playful, rustic vintage rooms. An industrial table lamp with a base and shade in antique copper is ideal for the warm colors of wooden furniture. Deliberate traces of use from the industrial design loosen up the clear lines and reservedly placed purist furniture and accessories as a rough but elegant contrast. A table lamp variant with higher, movable joints, for example, offers quick light on the telephone commode in the hallway and hallway for visitors to take off their clothes or for a well-lit farewell chat. Anyone who likes to play with the industrial style of lighting can swap the usual warm white color of the lamps for other nuances, such as cool industrial white with a bluish shimmer, romantic red or reserved orange.