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The ART DESIGN AWARD grew out of the visionary initiative of the international platform (Instagram: @industrialkonzept). Our focus is on enabling artists and designers to present their creative projects to a broad public and a committed community. At a time when the boundaries between art and design are increasingly blurring, we see the ART DESIGN AWARD as a stage that celebrates the fascinating connections between these two spheres. Our goal is to put creatives in the spotlight, celebrate their visions and present their works to a global community that strives for innovation and inspiration.

We firmly believe that every creation - whether it is a piece of furniture or a sculpture - has the ability to evoke emotions, spark debate and overcome boundaries. The ART DESIGN AWARD acts as a catalyst for this artistic movement, not only by presenting the works in galleries and exhibition spaces, but also by transferring them to the digital world. Here, ideas can flourish unhindered and innovation knows no limits.

The ART DESIGN AWARD stands for more than just an award. It invites you to become part of a movement that is raising the spheres of art and design to unprecedented heights. Here, creativity and innovation merge into an impressive event that stimulates your senses, provides food for thought and ushers in an era of creative development. Join us on our journey as we leave conventions behind and redefine the art world - a creation, a vision: The ART DESIGN AWARD, presented by

Would you like to be part of this exciting movement and present your creative works to a global audience? We warmly invite you to inquire about participating in the ART DESIGN AWARD and start your journey. Simply send us an email to and briefly introduce yourself in the first few sentences. We will immediately send you a comprehensive information package containing all the important details about the award, the application process and the ceremony. Be there when we push the boundaries of creativity together and reshape the world of art and design. We look forward to hearing from you and discovering your unique artistic vision.