Industrial Chests of Drawers

Discover chests of drawers from designer brands that can be ideally integrated into brutalist lofts or industrial-style interiors.

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Once you have learned to appreciate the industrial style with its mix of purist design and tradition, functionality and aesthetics, you will never want to do without it again. You can furnish an entire apartment or a whole loft in industrial style as well as create an effective accent in the interior with a single piece of furniture.

Industrial style chests of drawers are a must.

'Commode' means 'comfortable' in French. And industrial style chests of drawers are always comfortable to use. The drawers are simply practical and the typically half-height design makes the chest of drawers a highly functional piece of furniture that can be used anywhere. Depending on the design, it can remain unobtrusive in the background or be a focal point.


Industrial design prefers cool materials such as glass and metal, often in combination with wood. Industrial-style chests of drawers therefore often come in a combination of different materials. The materials used can show signs of use or age or have small imperfections. Flash rust, holes from nails or burn marks are all welcome. This is what makes industrial design so lively.

Industrial-style chests of drawers are often sustainably produced. They combine a simple design with a great effect.


Overall, it can be said that the industrial design chest of drawers can be adapted to any interior style. In a rather colorful, playful environment, it stays discreetly in the background and thus forms a haven of peace. If the surroundings are simpler or more elegant, it suddenly becomes the main protagonist.

Of course, industrial-style chests of drawers fit perfectly in a loft or any other apartment furnished in a loft style. They feel in their element in front of high walls, in open, spacious rooms, in converted loft or industrial apartments. In combination with other furniture in industrial design, with exposed pipes and cables, with large windows and raw walls, they can unfold their full charm.

But the chests of drawers in industrial design can do even more. They show off their cool beauty in combination with soft materials such as carpets, industrial sofas with cushions and beds with bedspreads. An industrial style chest of drawers thus becomes a haven of peace in a playful or warm, homely environment.

The combination with colorful counterparts is also extremely attractive. The more muted colors of industrial design can create a calm and elegant backdrop when combined with brightly colored variations such as bright red, sunny yellow or blue. In combination with sparingly used colorful decorative objects, chests of drawers in industrial design can be a real eye-catcher in any home.

In combination with glass and stainless steel, chests of drawers in industrial design develop a very unique, elegant look. In this setting, they reveal their inherent elegance. Combined with a glass table and elegant sofa in black, the industrial design chest of drawers looks as if it has never belonged in any other environment.


Like all industrial design furniture, industrial style chests of drawers make a statement about sustainability. Recycled materials are the main protagonists here and are allowed to play first fiddle. Sustainable and durable raw materials such as wood and metal promise a long service life. If the workmanship is also of high quality, the industrial design chests of drawers promise a long service life and a good balance sheet. When you buy a chest of drawers from industrialkonzept, you get high quality and outstanding design with good sustainability. As a new eye-catcher in your loft or apartment. As a convenient addition to your furniture. In your style.

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