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Modern home with industrial decor

In the industrial concept store, you will find a variety of decorative objects from renowned designers and brands. These objects are characterized by their high quality, modern design, and often their uniqueness. Minimalistic, raw design combined with contrasting elements is at the forefront of our selection to ensure a special aesthetic and functionality. The versatile decorative objects are suitable for various interior styles, including the industrial style and other modern style directions.




Industrial style deco and its raw elegance

Industrial Deco is characterized by a unique aesthetic that is a combination of rawness and elegance. The rustic and robust look of the decorative objects gives every room an unmistakable industrial atmosphere . At the same time, these objects also have an elegant appearance, which results from the interplay of materials and shapes.

The use of natural materials such as metal, wood and leather , as well as the avoidance of unnecessary decorations, emphasize the beauty of the raw material and give the design a special clarity. This creates a timeless aesthetic that fits perfectly with a modern, urban lifestyle.

Although industrial deco is often viewed as minimalist and functional , there are still many ways to bring your own style and personality.

Colored accents as a contrast to the industrial style

The industrial style is known for its minimalist aesthetic and monochromatic color palette. However, a room can be refined with colored accents such as vases , flower pots , candle holders or carpets without losing its industrial charm.

A colorful vase on a metal shelf or a colorful flower pot on a rustic table can be a real eye-catcher. Candles and candle holders in bright colors or unusual shapes set a cozy accent and create a warm atmosphere .

A book stand or a stack of books and magazines in colorful covers can also bring a lively touch to the room. A mirror with a colored frame or a rug with a colorful pattern can also serve as bold accents.

The colors in the industrial style decoration

Everything gray in gray? The idea of ​​colors in industrial design is mostly limited to shades that have the advantage of not showing dirt too clearly and are easy to care for. But this idea of ​​the gray everyday life in the factory is not entirely correct when it comes to the colors. Admittedly, no factory has ever looked as colorful as a toy store, but it is probably significant that there is an industrial look, but not the typical toy store look.

Gray is undoubtedly a dominant color in many factories and therefore also in industrial design. Gray is a very practical color and it has the advantage that it can be combined with any other color as a mixture of black and white. It is not for nothing that gray has been the color of choice for office furnishers in recent years, but also in many living rooms.

Interestingly, in addition to grey, it is the signal colors orange and yellow that play an important role in industrial design as indicators of danger. Of course, with industrial style decoration, they have to be in the appropriate context in order not to lose the desired industrial characteristics.

Industrial design, functional aesthetics

Wood plays an important role in many things in industrial style decoration, just as wood was and is indispensable in industry. In relation to home accessories, wood becomes the part that softens the hardness and rigor of metal. The functionality has a counterpart, so to speak. The warmth of the wood, the feel of the grain and the visual appearance give each item an inviting characteristic. The wood may or better should show its natural color and also the patina of bygone times. However, wood is not only a pleasant counterpoint to metal with a homely added value. Wood combines just as wonderfully with concrete, stone and brick.

Do you absolutely need a loft for industrial style decoration?

Of course, the appeal of living in an old factory building is huge. But such properties are becoming rarer and more expensive. However, good industrial design also finds its fans in normal homes, because it is a design that focuses on functionality and durability .

Industrial design can be used anywhere and has the advantage of being able to be combined with almost any other style.

Of course, rooms with high ceilings and large windows are ideal for industrial style decoration, but it can easily be implemented in apartments with a normal layout. Of course, the desired minimalism helps here, the limitation to actual needs, just as there are no unnecessary or superfluous things lying around in a factory.

Industrial design means appreciating the value of things

In a throwaway society, comfort and even luxury is often equated with the purchase of countless products, most of which have very limited durability and functionality.

This behavior not only leads to an increase in the garbage mountain, but also to a loss of appreciation for things one owns. However, the industrial style relies on a different philosophy. Sturdy and durable materials such as metal, wood and leather are used for furniture and decorative objects that not only look good but are also functional.

By focusing on quality and durability, you can help protect the environment while promoting a sustainable way of life. It is a statement against throwaway culture and for a timeless aesthetic that retains its value.

Industrial decoration is therefore not just a trend , but a philosophy of life that stands for sustainability, functionality and aesthetics . It shows that it is possible to create a modern and stylish interior without sacrificing quality and durability.

Isn't it much better to invest in high quality industrial style designer decor?

Decorative items of this type shine with a language of form, choice of materials and workmanship that is designed to offer a consistently high level of comfort for a very long time. "Very long" definitely means that the life cycle extends far beyond the time span of one generation. The purism of designer furniture in an industrial style ensures that the term "fashion" is used neither in a bad nor in a good sense.

Functionality adapted to people, which includes ergonomics and economy in equal measure, is actually everything that not only people, but also the environment urgently need. This is exactly what industrial stands for.

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