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Industrial style lamps for unique lofts and interiors

Industrial design lamps are trendy. They delight with their clarity of design and powerful lines. They combine the flair of metal and lofts with graceful elegance and modern lifestyle.

Industrial design lamps complete your interior

Whether atmospheric hanging lamps , vintage wall lamps or modern floor and table lamps in industrial style from, all delight with the highest quality and subtle colors. Black, rusty brown or silver dominate here.

Our industrial design lamps harmonize with any type of interior design and material. They impress both in the middle of a room and in the corner. They decorate a desk just as skilfully as a coffee table , dining table or bedside table.

Thanks to their robust material, for example made of galvanized metal, they ensure many years of pleasant hours in the kitchen, workshop, garden shed, restaurant, on the balcony, terrace or veranda.

Imaginatively designed and yet simple, industrial-style lamps set new accents and brighten the mood. They beautify your rooms, play a key role in shaping them and ensure a successful overall composition.

Our lamps in industrial design are practical all-rounders. However, they can be divided into three groups:
- Stable floor lamps effectively illuminate what is nearby. They also illuminate decorations and plants in pots in the most beautiful way. They also emphasize the depth of a room. They always create a pleasant, almost magically beautiful atmosphere
- Creative ceiling lamps, including original pendant lights, radiate the brightness from above into your room as a real highlight. Hanging lamps are particularly impressive and space-saving
- Cozy lamps in industrial style for the desk enable concentrated work at the desk. They are a timeless and practical light source because you can rotate and move them very easily

Bright industrial design makes living spaces lively or calming

Choose your dining room lamp, living room lamp, office lamp or bedroom lamp in industrial style according to your needs. Depending on the tint and design, it has a different effect.

Bright lamps with an industrial design have a dynamic and cheerful effect. They cheer you up when you're working at the table, help you get a clear view and encourage pleasant conviviality. You can also distribute several of them in a room.

Matt lamps in industrial style, on the other hand, have a calming effect. They allow relaxation, refreshing naps and restful sleep. With flexible lamps and those with a flexible shade, you can use the full luminosity of the light. Or you dim the light by turning the shade away.

Spectacular industrial-style lamps cast a good light on you and your living space, as do simple industrial-style lamps.

Why buy industrial style lamps

Lamps in the industrial style are an essential part of the living concept in industrial design. They fire the imagination with their aura of old factory buildings and daring constructions made of pipes.

At you can buy unique and classically beautiful industrial-style designer lamps. You can find them in different sizes, heights, colors and for different numbers of light bulbs. They are mainly made of high-quality production and manual work in Europe.

Another advantage of our industrial design is its sustainability. This comes about through the reuse of subsequently refined metal. This helps to save rare resources.

With their modest and yet bold decor, lamps in the industrial style loosen up any interior design, convey a light attitude to life and an optimistic attitude to life. They make living spaces look neat and chic at the same time.